Xiaomi Mi4 launching on July 22nd!

Xiaomi Mi4 launching on July 22nd!

Xiaomi has started teasing its next flagship, the Mi4, on its website. The date is set for July 22nd, when we should see what the “Apple of China” can do. The look and feel of the page promises the metal body, which is increasingly becoming a must-have feature of modern flagship devices. Even last year’s…

Xiaomi moves 50,000 MiPad tablets in 4 minutes

Xiaomi MiPad

That’s actually 3 minutes and 59 seconds, but you get the point – people love Xiaomi’s gear. And 50,000 tablets isn’t exactly a big number in China, the world’s biggest smartphone market. Nevertheless, it’s an impressive figure for Xiaomi’s first tablet and we’re sure the next batch of devices will be moved in just a…

Xiaomi to “start working” on North America next year

Xiaomi to start working on North America next year

This year was a blast for Xiaomi which entered 10 new markets across Asia, India included. Like that’s not enough, they are preparing to further expand to the West and eventually “start working” on North America next year. The news comes straight from horse’s mouth, Xiaomi’s own Hugo Barra, who famously left Google to work…

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