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Verizon to sell Sony SmartWatch 3 for $249

Sony SmartWatch 3

Sony is returning to the U.S. market, having secured a deal with the country’s largest mobile operator, Verizon Wireless. Under the deal, Verizon will get its own variant of the Xperia Z3 — called Xperia Z3v — as well as the Sony SmartWatch 3. Unlike the regular Z3, Verizon’s model will come with support for…

Samsung Gear Live running Windows 95

Windows 95 running on Android Wear

File this under “strange,” but it’s interesting, nonetheless. Some guy managed to make his Samsung Gear Live run Windows 95. We’ve no idea why would anyone need something like this, but hey – there are folks who like to experiment with things like these. The magic happens thanks to aDosBox, an Android app that functions…

Tommy Android smartwatch costs just $74.99

Tommy Android watch

An Android Gear smartwatch gotta cost at least $100, right? Think again. What you can see here is the upcoming Tommy smart watch which will sell for record-breaking $74.99. It’s not as fancy as the LG G Watch R, Moto 360 or Asus ZenWatch, but it costs less money, while delivering all of the same…

Gold Moto 360 coming soon?

gold Moto 360

Motorola is currently offering the Moto 360 in silver and black colors, but that could change with another option coming in the (near) future. What you can see above are few variants of Moto’s smart watch, including the one that rocks a body made out of gold. It hasn’t been officially announced, and we get…

Huawei Ascend Watch coming next year?

Huawei TalkBand

During this year’s IFA show in Berlin, we’ve seen Samsung, LG, Sony and Asus unveiling their smart watches. Huawei on its end came up with few premium devices, rocking metal-clad bodies and sapphire glass screens (special version of the Ascend P7). It is said that the Chinese firm will be joining the smart watch market…

Asus ZenWatch with Android Wear is here

ASUS ZenWatch

Asus has officially joined the wearables market with its very own ZenWatch. As you can see from the image above, this is one sexy looking watch though as far as I’ve understood, it’s rather big. Then again, it’s not like competing products are petite by any stretch of imagination; that battery needs some room so…

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