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Infographic: Here’s the iPhone 6


Apple has been keeping a tight lip about the iPhone 6, but that hasn’t stopped a torrent of leaks and rumors to surface about Apple’s next iPhone. So much has been said about the iPhone 6 that it’s hard to keep all of the rumors straight. A new infographic is here to explain the iPhone…

Fake iPhone 6 appears in China

Fake iPhone 6

Although we’re still waiting for Cook & Co. to officially announce the next iPhone that doesn’t prevent certain Chinese vendors from launching their own “variants” of the smartphone. GooPhone is notorious for its clones, having launched numerous “versions” of popular devices, thus making them properly qualified for the fake iPhone 6. And voila… relying on…

Future iPhones will know when they’ve been stolen

Future iPhones will know when they've been stolen

Companies file for patents all the time and more often than not, technologies described in these patents never materialize in the real-world products. Apple is no exception but we still like to see what Cupertino boy and girls are Cook-ing behind the closed doors, at least to get the hints of how their devices will…

iPhone 6 Shown Off in Breathtaking 3D Concept Render


Summer may be blazing, but iPhone fans are looking to the fall. We’ve seen various leaks showing off the iPhone 6, but they haven’t really told us too much about Apple’s upcoming iPhone. One thing we can assume from both leaks and plain common sense is that the iPhone 6 (or possibly iPhone Air) will…

Google’s Niantic Labs Launches AR Adventure Ingress on iOS


Popular augmented reality game Ingress is now available for iOS devices. The title, created by Google’s Niantic Labs has been available only for Android late 2012. Ingress has gained a strong following of players, or “operatives” who have been opening up and shutting down portals around the globe. The story behind Ingress is part sci-fi, part…

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