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Pioneer to make CarPlay-enabled media receivers

We don’t get to see Apple opening its platform every day. Quite the contrary, it’s a rare feat that Cupertino boys are allowing anyone to chip-in. With CarPlay, they’re opting for a different strategy and will work with both car companies and makers of aftermarket in-dash car multimedia systems. Pioneer is the first company to join Apple’s scheme, having announced CarPlay support for its range of 2014 NEX media receivers. These devices will get new, iPhone-friendly capabilities in early summer 2014 via a firmware update. “Pioneer’s years of expertise integrating Read more

Fight! Cortana, Siri and Google Now Battle it out in Video

It’s a battle for the ages, folks! Behold, the ultimate virtual personal assistant showdown! WP Central pitted a Moto X against an iPhone 5S against the Nokia Lumia Icon. It’s Siri vs. Google Now vs. Microsoft’s own Cortana! You’ll pay for the whole seat, but you’ll only need THE EDGE! Cortana is the new entry into the personal assistant field, created by Microsoft as a direct competitor to the likes of well-known Siri and Google Now. Windows Phone owners everywhere can get their hands on Cortana today, as Microsoft has Read more

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Super Mario 64 Lands on Oculus Rift!

90′s kids, rejoice! Your favorite Nintendo 64 game, Super Mario 64 has just gotten the Oculus Rift treatment! If you’re lucky enough to have access to an Oculus Rift you can now play Mario 64 like never before. The mod allows you to not only control the in-game camera by moving your head around, but lets you see the world from Mario’s perspective. We’ve seen the NES Legend of Zelda pop up on the Oculus Rift, which looks pretty sweet, and you can become a Pokemon master with Pokemon Gold Read more

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Verizon Will Let Customers Bring Their Own Device to the Network Beginning April 17th

Verizon will soon allow customers to bring their own Verizon compatible devices to the network when choosing a More Everything plan. The BYOD strategy begins on April 17th, alongside a few pricing changes as well. Customers with data plans of 8GB or below will be able to add a smartphone to their account for just $30, and customers with 10GB or more of data can add a device for just $15. Press release follows below.

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T-Mobile is Giving Overage Fees The Boot This June

T-Mobile is getting rid of overage fees once and for all, great news for data hungry customers of every stripe. As of June, T-Mobile customers will no longer receive overage charges for going over their allotted minutes, texts or data. This probably won’t affect most users, as most T-Mobile plans supply customers with unlimited voice minutes and texts. As for data, it looks as T-Mobile will stick with throttling data speeds once a customer uses up all of his or her data. “The worst thing about these overage fees is Read more

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Watch Siri and Cortana Duke it Out on the Arsenio Hall Show

It looks like Siri and Cortana have a beef, one that rivals the east cost west coast rivalries on the 90′s. Arsenio Hall hosted an epic cage match between the two digital personal assistants, and it got downright ugly. Siri has been around for a while, while Cortana is fairly new to the scene. At first, it seems like the sassy Cortana has put the old-ass Siri to shame. But it doesn’t take long for Siri to get nasty, proving that she’s not all sunshine and butterflies after all. So, Read more

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Google Wants You To Be A Glasshole, Will Sell Google Glass to Anyone for One Day Only, Report Suggests

Google Glass hasn’t been getting the best press the last few months, and Google’s looking to change that by allowing anyone with $1500 to burn the chance to purchase their very own Google Glass unit. That’s pretty big news, considering that you currently have to be part of Google’s Glass Explorer program to be eligible to purchase the device. Thanks to leaked internal documents obtained by The Verge, we now know that Google could hold a one day only sale in which Google Glass will be sold for $1500 to Read more

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These Eight Tricks Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your iPhone

So you think you know all there is to know about your iPhone? I’m sure you’re quite studious, but you may be ignorant of a few of the iPhone’s features that are totally worth knowing. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Apple’s smartphone just has so many bells and whistles packed into it that the Cupertino company can’t advertise them all. Think of it as an iPhone “secret menu.” No, you can’t get it animal style, but these eight tips and tricks from BuzzFeed will make your iPhone experience a Read more

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John Legere Slaps Verizon and AT&T on the Ass Again: T-Mobile Cuts Tablet Prices, Ups Free Data

Wow T-Mobile, just when we think you’re done shaking things up in the wireless industry, you come creeping back up, tapping us on the shoulder and delivering a big ol’ “HELLLO!” Um, in other words, T-Mobile and the company’s CEO, John Legere, just can’t stop attacking the big boys of the wireless industry, namely AT&T and Verizon. It’s like an ongoing David and Goliath story, and it ain’t showing no signs of slowing down. T-Mobile’s moves today impact the tablet biz, dropping the price of LTE enabled tablets to the Read more

Ian Kersey

Whoop Whoop! Buy Faygo and Facepaint with new Cryptocurrency, JuggaloCoin

The crazy world of cryptocurrencies is about to get INSANE! Are you ready, my ninjas? I know I am! Tomorrow, JuggaloCoin will be unleashed upon the internets, giving members of the Juggalo Family a way to buy weed, facepaint, faygo and “personal favors” without using cash, keeping all of those duckets within the JuggaloCoin economy. You know, keeping it in the family. Family style. So, why a coin for Juggalos? I’ll let JuggaloCoin creator Papa Nutt clear the air on that one:

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Make it So! Multiplatform Star Trek Timelines Strategy Roleplaying Game Coming Soon from Disruptor Beam

Disruptor Beam is hard at work on a new Star Trek game that will span the entire Star Trek universe, from the 1960′s Star Trek all the way up to Enterprise, and everything in between. The new title, called Star Trek Timelines will be a multi-platform affair, populating iOS, Android and web interfaces with our favorite Star Trek captains and characters. Disruptor Beam is well-known for the Game of Thrones Ascent game which has taken the world by storm. Disruptor Beam is taking their sweet time with the title in order Read more

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