Is this the fanciest external battery case for iPhone or what?

Cabin iPhone case

iPhone users have the benefit of choosing between few different battery cases, most of which look rather similar. Cabin is different and it looks like something that was designed in Cupertino rather than some other place. Said device is the slim aluminum portable battery for iPhone that attaches magnetically for an “unobtrusive and simple recharging…

Is this the upcoming HTC Android Wear smart watch?

HTC Android Wear smart watch

It could be, but the watch definitely won’t have that custom screen, since Google won’t allow its OEM partners to tweak the software. They [OEM partners] will be able to use custom wallpapers but that’s something completely different. We do like the metal look and feel of this watch that reminds us on HTC’s flagship…

Do you want the Samsung Gear VR?

Samsung Gear VR

A month ago we’ve told you that Samsung has teamed-up with Oculus VR (now part of Facebook) to make a VR headset of its own. The other day, few additional details about this device popped around the Interwebs and we’re still pondering whether this is something we would want to buy.

Meizu smart watch coming soon?

Meizu smart watch coming soon?

Meizu may be looking to enter the smart watch market; what else the image above could suggest? According to GizChina, the image reads “Look at your watch. Do you have this type of habit?” Now, we don’t know whether the Chinese phone maker will indeed join the “wrist revolution,” or is just mocking the entire…

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