Augmented Reality

Meet Google’s New Augmented Reality Game, ‘Endgame’ 2014-10-07 13-28-03

Google’s Niantic Labs is no stranger to augmented reality, launching the smash AR game Ingress almost two years ago. Niantic Labs has a new project, one that is way more ambitious than Ingress. The new project Endgame involves a sprawling literary universe written by Jame Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton called Endgame. Endgame spans three novels, the…

Google’s Niantic Labs Launches AR Adventure Ingress on iOS


Popular augmented reality game Ingress is now available for iOS devices. The title, created by Google’s Niantic Labs has been available only for Android late 2012. Ingress has gained a strong following of players, or “operatives” who have been opening up and shutting down portals around the globe. The story behind Ingress is part sci-fi, part…

First Music Video Shot on Google Glass!

Riz   Let s Tango  Google Glass Music Video    YouTube

It was only a matter of time, folks. A new music video is set to tear up the internet, and it’s been filmed completely on Google Glass! Riz Nwosu, entertainer and one of the founders of AppCurious, has released the video for his new cut “Let’s Tango” and he shot it all on Glass. Nwosu…

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