HTC One M8 S-OFF Achieved, Let The Hacking Begin!

HTC One M8_PerRight_Gold

Owners of the brand spanking new HTC One M8 are one step closer to being able to get HTC’s nasty bloatware off of the powerhouse device. S-OFF has been achieved on the M8, allowing HTC’s security to be bypassed to allow for the installation of custom ROMs, bootloaders and kernels. S-OFF is available for every…

Apple iOS 7.1 already jailbroken on iPhone 4

Apple iOS 7.1 already jailbroken on iPhone 4

And the race to hack iOS continues; savvy hackers have already managed to jailbreak the iOS 7.1. Unfortunately though, this doesn’t mean you can do the same on your shiny iPhone 5S. The hacker known as @winocm did this on the iPhone 4, and has also posted a video as a proof. After the A4-based…

Credo Mobile Now Has the Nexus 5!


Credo Mobile has made its business on offering up the phones people want with a social conscience. The San Francisco based company donates portions of its proceeds to progressive causes such as Planned Parenthood, the Rainforest Action Network, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation Credo now has Google’s latest, the Nexus 5 in both black and…

Snapchat Hacked, 4.6 Million Accounts Compromised


Popular social sharing app Snapchat has been hacked, and the account info for 4.6 million users has been released online. Usernames and a partial phone numbers were available for download on a website set up by the hackers. The phone numbers and account information was posted to SnapchatDB.info. The site was suspended by late Wednesday…

XDA Developers: How To Root and Unlock the NVIDIA Shield


The fine folks over at XDA Developers have a treat for NVIDIA Shield owners. The crew has developed a method to unlock the bootloader and root the Shield, allowing users to take full advantage of the Shield’s amazing hardware. They’ve created an awesome and easy to understand video that will help brave Shield owners unlock…

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