ZTE Nubia Z7 selling like hot cupcakes in China

ZTE Nubia Z7

The newly announced Nubia Z7 is selling like hot cupcakes in China, with ZTE clearing out its initial inventory in exactly 4 minutes and 36 seconds! During that short period, the company has managed to move 52,800 Z7 units, which is an impressive feat. Then again, we’re also talking about an impressive phone, though it’s…

Gold Samsung Z in works

Gold Samsung Z in works

Aside from the “regular” colored Samsung Z models, the Korean company is also working on the gold-colored version. Brought to our attention by the good folks of TizenExperts, this unit looks rather sexy in gold and could thus help Sammy move more units. That said, we’re still waiting to see any Z variant hitting the…

Fake iPhone 6 appears in China

Fake iPhone 6

Although we’re still waiting for Cook & Co. to officially announce the next iPhone that doesn’t prevent certain Chinese vendors from launching their own “variants” of the smartphone. GooPhone is notorious for its clones, having launched numerous “versions” of popular devices, thus making them properly qualified for the fake iPhone 6. And voila… relying on…

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