Hands-On: LG Viper LTE for Sprint


While the Galaxy Nexus will likely steal most of the thunder when it comes to Sprint’s new LTE handsets, we definitely haven’t forgotten about LG’s offering for the network, the Viper LTE. We got a little time with the handset during a Sprint event at the Venetian, so read on to get the rundown. While the Viper…

California to require handset makers to ship energy-efficient chargers


California, in an effort to be more Eco-friendly, yesterday voted to require handset makers to ship energy-efficient battery chargers starting in 2013. This new requirement includes cellphones, tablets and hundreds of other electronic devices. Of course, such a progressive move was rejected by consumer product makers, but that didn’t matter as the California Energy Commission…

Greenpeace puts BlackBerry dead last in eco-friendliness


RIM made its debut in the Greenpaece Guide to Greener Electronics this month, and it’s not a good start. The maker of BlackBerry is dead last among other electronics manufacturers, including LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, and Apple. RIM gets a beating in the ratings for not providing external verification of its greenhouse gas emission…

Eco-Friendliness of iPhone Illustrated in Infographic


A great infographic has been cooked up compiling data from a variety of sources detailing just how green the iPhone is. Traditionally, Greenpeace has given Apple mid to low rankings when it comes to ecologically-friendly manufacturing processes (although interestingly enough, they lose most of their points simply for not communicating all of their manufacturing information).…

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