Fake iPhone 6 appears in China

Fake iPhone 6

Although we’re still waiting for Cook & Co. to officially announce the next iPhone that doesn’t prevent certain Chinese vendors from launching their own “variants” of the smartphone. GooPhone is notorious for its clones, having launched numerous “versions” of popular devices, thus making them properly qualified for the fake iPhone 6. And voila… relying on…

Best Of: Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Designs


It doesn’t matter how great the current generation of a smartphone is, as people are always looking for the ‘next big thing’. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has proven to be an insanely popular device that has sold millions, but that certainly hasn’t stopped many from giving their best guess as to what the Galaxy S5…

This is the Galaxy S IV concept phone we want to be real


Concept phones are usually ambitious in their design and specs, and the latest Galaxy S IV concept is no different. All done up in a metal casing, this Galaxy S IV is one that we want in our pockets, desperately. The spec list on the device runs long and sexy, and there’s a good chance…

Is this the Galaxy S III? Probably not


I think we’re all a little to excited for the announcement of the upcoming Galaxy S III to the point that any decent-looking Samsung phone we haven’t seen before could be the highly anticipated handset. Well, we have one more for you guys today and all we can say is that we certainly hope this…

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