Super Mario 64 Lands on Oculus Rift!


90’s kids, rejoice! Your favorite Nintendo 64 game, Super Mario 64 has just gotten the Oculus Rift treatment! If you’re lucky enough to have access to an Oculus Rift you can now play Mario 64 like never before. The mod allows you to not only control the in-game camera by moving your head around, but…

Video: Check Out This Awesome Portable Nintendo 64!


Retro console mods are the best thing ever, and a new one squeezes the awesome Nintendo 64 into a handheld device. The mod, created by Bungle Bungleman is quite easily one of the most¬†professional looking console mods I’ve ever seen. The device looks like an actual Nintendo product, with the design resembling the N64 controller…

Pink Nintendo 2DS Coming to GameStop on April 11th


If a new Nintendo 2DS is in your future, you may want to grab a super exclusive pink colored handheld from GameStop on April, 11th. GameStop will sell a “Peach Pink” version of the 2DS, complete with a Mickey mouse adorned case in celebration of Disney’s upcoming game, Disney Magical World. The Peach Pink version…

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