Francis Weighs in on the 2DS – What do you think?


When Nintendo announced its 2DS yesterday, the first response by most folks was confusion. Twitter blew up with calls of “Is this real?” and “It’s not April yet!” After it became clear that yes, Nintendo was releasing a 2D version of its 3D flagship handheld, the internet responded in its usual classy manner. Now Francis,…

Why Nintendo Won’t Be Making Games for Other Systems


Nintendo President Satoru Iwata put the speculation to rest in a recent interview. No, Nintendo has no plans to bring its titles and characters to non Nintendo platforms. Iwata said releasing Nintendo titles to other devices, such as mobile phones, would only be good for “short-term profits”. Despite the many calls for Nintendo games to…

Mega Man Gameboy Titles Coming to a 3DS Near You!


Some of the best Megaman games came out for Nintendo‘s Gameboy handheld. Today it’s come to light that Megaman’s Gameboy adventures will be coming to Nintendo’s latest handheld, the 3DS, through its Virtual Console. Megaman’s first Gameboy outing is already available for the Virtual Console, now Megaman 2-5 are on the way as well as the Gameboy…

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