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Humble Weekly Sale – $6 for Trine 1 and 2, Shadowgrounds and more!

Humble Weekly Sale  Frozenbyte  pay what you want and help charity

The Humble Bundle and Weekly Sales are some of the best deals in gaming, and a great way to support developers and charity! Today, the latest Humble Weekly Sale was announced and it’s another great line-up great price . The latest Humble Weekly Sale is a collection of games from FrozenByte Studios. Grab it here! You can name your price for Shadowgrounds, Trine and Jack Claw Prototype.…

CES 2014: The Eye Tribe Rounds Out the Eye Tracker Market


Apparently there’s a burgeoning eye tracking peripheral market. Who knew? Yesterday Tobii announced its PC eye tracking sensor, now another contender has surfaced. The Eye Tribe sensor bar made a splash at CES today, hot on the heels of Tobii’s announcement. The Eye Tribe does something Tobii’s device currently doesn’t, however. It features full support…

CES 2014: Tobii Brings Eye-tracking to PC Gaming


There’s a new way to play and this time you’ll use your eyes! Swedish company Tobii Technology recently unveiled its new eye-tracking sensor. Demonstrated at CES, it’s an impressive technology and the company’s offering dev kit preorders for only $95! Tobii has partnered with peripheral company SteelSeries to manufacture the device. It looks very similar…

Humble Bundle X – 6 Games for $8 bucks!

Humble Indie Bundle X  pay what you want and help charity

It’s Humble Indie Bundle time again folks, and this collection’s as great as ever! Marking its tenth indie bundle, Humble Bundle is offering another great line-up. This time there are 6 excellent titles on offer for about $8 at the time of this posting. Grab it here! You can name your price for touching adventure…

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