‘Humble Bundle with Android 7’ Brings 6 Games for less than $7, Playable on Mobile, PC, Linux, and Mac!

Humble Bundle with Android 7  pay what you want and help charity

The Humble Bundle hits just keep rolling in. Recently theHumble Mobile Bundle 2 brought a slew of great games, now Android devices are getting more love! The Humble Bundle with Android 7 includes 6 games that are playable on Android devices, Windows PCs, Macs and Linux boxes! This time around, it’s pay what you will for Ticket to…

Ginormous Steam Sale for Capcom’s 30th Anniversary!


Capcom just administered a massive Hadouken to the internet with its announcement of a mega sale on Steam! The legendary Japanese game company is turning a whopping 30 years old, and this weekend you can join in the celebration with some ridiculous discounts on Capcom games. The selection of Capcom games on sale is huge,…

Steam Box Prototype Specs Revealed!

Steam Machines

Last week Valve unveiled Steam OS, a Linux-based Operating System made specifically for PC Console Gaming on the big screen. While Steam OS can run on any PC, Valve has been developing its own “Steam Machines”. Previously known as Steam Boxes, they cram PC guts into a slim console form factor. Today Valve revealed the…

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