Xbox One Sales Reached 3 Million in 2013

xbox one

If you thought the lack of online  and in-store availability has made the PS4 the hottest selling gaming console, well, you might be right. Still, that hardly means that the Xbox One isn’t selling well. In fact, Microsoft has announced that it’s sold 3 million Xbox One units in 2013. From the Xbox blog: Together,…

Call Of Duty Ghosts Season Pass Detailed

cod ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts is about to get a lot more intense. Activision has announced the details of its COD: Ghosts Season Pass today, bringing four DLC packs and a ton of more goodies for Call Of Duty Ghosts fans. The included DLC packs are Onslaught, Devastation, Invasion and Nemesis. The DLC packs are included…

GTA San Andreas officially releases for iOS


Rockstar recently announced that the final GTA game of PS2/Xbox era, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would be coming to mobile devices. Today the game came out for modern iOS devices! Rockstar Games hit record sales with its latest Grand Theft Auto game, GTA V. The company also found mobile success porting its PS2-era titles Grand Theft Auto…

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