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Opera Sponsored Web Pass offers free mobile internet access sponsored by advertisers

Opera unveiled Sponsored Web Pass, a new service that allows advertisers to sponsor a free Internet access for a limited time. The idea is simple – if a user agrees to the proposition, he/she will first see the ad before visiting some website. After the predefined period of time expires, the user can either see a new ad to get another chunk for free mobile Internet access, or purchase a paid Web Pass. Opera’s new service builds on top of their earlier effort called Opera Web Pass, which allowed operators Read more

Dolphin Browser hits the 100 million users milestone, announces new “Innovation Lab”

Dolphin, the company behind one of the most popular third-party mobile browsers, has recently hit the 100 million users milestone, which is an impressive figure by any stretch of imagination. In addition, they’re also launching the Dolphin Labs, a global team of developers dedicated to “innovation in the mobile browser space” with the idea to bring mobile browsing capabilities to form factors and devices previously thought impossible. More precisely, the company is looking to innovate in emerging markets such as wearables, connected home, fitness, smart TVs, automotive and robotics. “The Read more