Study: HTML5 performs 8x slower on smartphones than desktop


In March, released part one of its study of HTML5 performance on iOS and Android and concluded that iOS smokes the competition in this regard. Today, it released part two, which compares HTML5 performance on mobile devices to the desktop web. found that on average, the very best smartphones run HTML5 content 8x…

Blackline TV launches HTML5 magazine for iPad


Blackline TV is doing something pretty unique for a podcast: it’s launching its own iPad magazine. Even more bold, it’s not trapped in the App Store or Newsstand under Apple’s developer terms and conditions. No, instead it’s living freely on the open web as an HTML5 magazine. Blackline is a podcast that specializes in delivering…

Men choose phones based on price, women features


Mobile video service Vuclip surveyed 560,000 men and women about their mobile phone buying habits. Besides asking the big questions like when they plan to buy their next phone, Vuclip also asked respondents what details they look for when they shop for a phone. When broken down by gender, the results from this latter question were surprising. Contrary…

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