Hear the Voice That Made the First Telephone Call! Smithsonian Recovers Audio from Bell’s Recording.

Alexander Graham Bell with Telephone Invention

File this under SUPER COOL! Smithsonian Scientists have restored a recording of Alexander Graham Bell’s voice from a nearly 130 year old cardboard and wax disc. Without Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone our site wouldn’t exist and neither would the fancy gadget you carry around in your pocket. The first telephone call was…

Siri: The iPhone Movie pits man against machine


Although Siri isn’t technically that much better than what had been previously available, it certainly has made a better case for everyday voice recognition on smartphones. Of course, the “talking to your computer” scenario has a distinctly Space Odyssey feel to it, which is helped in no small part by some of the more… quirky…

Ninjas return to battle over Nexus unboxing


When the Nexus name first appeared, it called together the disparate ninja clans to perform The Great Unboxing, unified as an unstoppable kung fu force. It didn’t take long for the tentative alliance to devolve into bickering, and finally brazen treachery for the launch of the Samsung Nexus S. Today, the furious Red Ninja takes…

BlackBerry: the phone even muggers won’t steal


A mugger preying on students near Columbia University has apparently been on the hunt for iPhones, but don’t worry BlackBerry owners – he’ll just toss your phone back at you in disgust. An unnamed suspsect apparently bumped into two students, both of whom had BlackBerry smartphones, and left empty-handed. A smattering of similar reports illustrate…

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