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Google adding regular malware scans to the Android platform

As part of its pledge to make Android more secure and thus more enterprise-friendly, Google is adding regular malware scans to the mix. With the new update rolling out as we speak, Android will be continually checking its host device for harmful apps, while enhancing the platform’s “Verify Apps” service. This in turn will make sure that apps installed both inside and outside of Google Play are “behaving in a safe manner.” That’s a major change compared to the current practice that saw Android scanning apps only during their installation. Read more

Google working to make Android more secure and ready for the enterprise customers

If there’s one problem Android has – that’s security. Due to its open nature, it’s not as easy to make it secure as other platforms like iOS and BlackBerry OS. That is an issue for big vendors which want to see their devices being used by both consumers and enterprise customers, and to that end some of them (read: Samsung) are developing their over-the-top solutions to make the overall platform more secure. While Samsung Knox could work for the Korean giant, we’re wondering what’s happening with other handset makers. Don’t Read more

Government-grade secure BlackBerry Z10 now selling for whopping $2,770

Although BlackBerry devices are already more secure than other commercially available phones, some folks need an extra layer of security. For heads of the governments and top-level executives the “default” security just won’t cut it. Chances are NSA (other other agencies for that matter) can slide through built-in security mechanisms. That shouldn’t be the case with the special version of the BlackBerry Z10 which is now selling for whopping $2,770. All that extra cash should make sure you and the person on the other end of the line are the Read more

An iPhone 5s battery dies out and 4 days later it was still tracking user’s movements!

This is definitely weird. BGR brings us the story of Reddit user Glarznak who described how his iPhone 5S continued to track his movements despite its battery being dead for 4 days. The Redditor said that he was recently traveling abroad when his iPhone 5s charger cable broke. He didn’t get a new cable and instead decided to continue on for the next four days without it. That, however, hasn’t stopped the iPhone 5s from tracking every step he made. Glarznak uses the Argus app to track his steps, and Read more

Samsung Knox 2.0 adds fingerprint verification, Knox marketplace, dual APN and more

During last year’s Mobile World Congress, Samsung unveiled its first Knox solution to make it more secure for enterprise and government customers to use Sammy-made devices and implement BYOD policies. Now the Korean company is out with Knox 2.0 that adds a number of new features to the mix, including: Two-factor biometric authentication that requires both password and fingerprint verification to unlock (that’s why the Galaxy S5 has a fingerprint reader). Knox Key Store for generating and managing encryption keys inside the TrustZone protected environment as well as real-time monitoring Read more

Super-secure Blackphone now available for pre-order for $629

Folks looking for an extra piece of mind may like the Blackphone, a device that brings Android security to a whole new level. Product of Geeksphone and Silent Circle, it runs a custom version of Google’s mobile OS called PrivatOS and ships with pre-installed apps to enable private calls, texting, video chats, file exchange up to 100MB, as well as private browsing and conference calls. In addition, Blackphone will automatically disable all Wi-Fi connections except for previously defined trusted hotspots, while providing users with frequent secure updates. These apps come Read more

Top 10 most dangerous things people do with their smartphones

Good folks of Protect Your Bubble prepared a neat infographic to highlight the top 10 most dangerous things people do with their smartphones. Here’s what they’ve got: No password – up to 62% of smartphone owners don’t password-protect their device. Auto sign-in for banking and financial services Take, send and store nude photos on their device Click on links in fraudulent emails Post photos online while on vacation – burglars love this. Post photos online without turning off location settings – another burglars’ favorite. Share personal data with fraudsters – Read more

Report: Major Security Flaws in Top 90% of iOS Mobile Banking Apps

Mobile banking sure is convenient, but we could all end up paying for that convenience, quite literally. With most Americans touting smartphones these days, so are most Americans using mobile banking apps to check balances, pay bills and the like. One would assume that a mobile banking app would be touting some major, heavy-duty security, right? Like the armored truck of software type. Right? Wrong, says a new study published by security researcher Ariel Sanchez of IOActive Labs. Sanchez’s study found that 90% of mobile banking apps have some pretty Read more

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Credo Mobile Releases Transparency Report In Wake of NSA Revelations

Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks shook the nation to its core and have created big questions among mobile phone users. The NSA’s collection of cellphone metadata, as well as other information, was done with the cooperation of mobile carriers. Customers understandably have begun to demand accountability from their providers. Credo Mobile announced today that it has released a report documenting the information requests it received from the NSA. The report lays out all of the pertinent interactions the company had with government agencies over the course of 2013. Each information request Read more

BlackBerry opening the “Security Innovation Center” in Washington, D.C.

As part of the strategy to make its devices more secure than those made by competing handset makers, BlackBerry plans to establish the “Security Innovation Center” in Washington, D.C. The idea is not new and has been initially unveiled by CEO John Chen during the company’s recent quarterly results. At that time, Chen said that BlackBerry is “going back to its roots,” focusing on the enterprise market, as well as a number of different government agencies. During CES, BlackBerry re-iterated the idea, adding that the center will serve as a Read more