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Sony Announces Android-Powered SmartWatch 2


Alongside the Xperia Z Ultra, Sony took the wraps off up its latest Android-powered Smartwatch 2. The successor to its previous Smartwatch offering, Sony’s latest wrist-bound devices packs a nice set of features that should definitely appeal to many users. Wearable tech looks to be the new frontier, with both Apple and Google rumored to…

Sony Xperia SP Available For Pre-Order For $489


Earlier today, Sony announced the availability of its Sony Xperia Z and a price drop for its Xperia ZL smartphones in its online store. Shortly thereafter, Sony revealed another announcement, the availability of the Xperia SP for pre-order. The Xperia SP is available for pre-order online through the U.S. Sony store, and can be purchased in…

Rumor: iPhone 5S to Have Fingerprint Sensor, NFC?


According to the China Times, the rumored iPhone 5S may be incorporating some new technologies in its hardware, such as NFC and a fingerprint sensor. The two hardware components could work together to provide a new security protocol pertaining to NFC payments, allowing users to authorize payment with their fingerprint. Last year, Apple acquired a security firm,…

T-Mobile wants to make NFC “a reality” in 2013

T-Mobile wants to make NFC a reality in 2013

T-Mobile USA is working with a number of partners to bring “a variety of NFC technologies to market,” according to a blog post written by senior vice president of product management, Brad Duea. From the same article we learn about the plan to bring contactless payments to a mainstream consumer and make “NFC a reality…

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