Samsung: Folding Display Coming in 2015


Samsung is always innovating, and screen technology is a major facet of the company’s R&D. Recently Samsung released the Galaxy Round, sporting a ground-breaking curved display. Now Samsung has announced it’s working on a revolutionary display that is scheduled to be coming to market in 2015. It won’t merely be flexible, it will be completely foldable!…

Samsung looking to acquire OLED tech-maker Novaled

Samsung looking to acquire OLED tech-maker Novaled

Samsung is reportedly looking to acquire Germany-based Novaled, which specializes in PIN OLED technology that can reduce energy consumption while at the same time enhancing OLED panel’s shelf life. And it’s not really one of those out-of-nowhere news. Back in 2011, Samsung’s Venture Capital arm, Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (SVIC) invested in Novaled, and now…

Arman Ahnood’s OLED display with solar cells promises to improve phones’ battery life

Arman Ahnood's OLED display with solar cells promises to improve phones' battery life

Researcher at the London Centre for Nanotechnology Arman Ahnood thinks today’s OLED screens waste energy and there’s room for improvements. The extra light phone displays emit could be reused by putting a thin-film PV cells around the display’s edges. Here’s the idea: The photovoltaic (PV) cell takes advantage of the smartphone display’s large footprint. In…

Droid Incredible switching to SLCD screens

SLCD screens coming to the Droid Incredible

Well, it looks like the HTC Droid Incredible is going to get one of those fancy SLCD screens from Sony and this should help keep the device on the shelves. As you know, HTC was having problems with the AMOLED screens it was getting from Samsung. Actually, the screens were fine but it couldn’t get…

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