BBM for Android Update Brings Channels and Voice Chat

BlackBerry scores 12 OEMs to preload BBM on their Android devices

BlackBerry Messenger has proven to be very popular on non-BlackBerry hardware, with Android and iOS users downloading it in droves. Now it looks like the company has made some of the latest and greatest features of the service available in the Android version of the messaging app. The latest BlackBerry Messenger Beta for Android features…

Facebook Messenger Expands on iOS and Android


Facebook moved to increase its share of mobile use today, releasing an anticipated expansion of its Facebook Messenger app update. Among other features, the update allowed easy messaging with anyone in users’ contacts lists who have the Facebook Messenger app. Now all Android users can use Facebook Messenger’s new features, and they’ve finally come to…

New Zealand Woman Texts While Driving- In Her Sleep!


Texting while driving is a major problem the world over, one that’s spurred several public safety campaigns including Werner Herzog’s recent hard hitting documentary. Given the inherent danger of texting while driving, doing it while you’re also asleep can’t be very safe. Somehow a woman in New Zealand managed to drive for hours in her…

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