Samsung Gear Live running Windows 95

Windows 95 running on Android Wear

File this under “strange,” but it’s interesting, nonetheless. Some guy managed to make his Samsung Gear Live run Windows 95. We’ve no idea why would anyone need something like this, but hey – there are folks who like to experiment with things like these. The magic happens thanks to aDosBox, an Android app that functions…

Video: Here’s how Android Wear notifications work

Android Wear notifications

Google’s Senior Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan turned to Google+ (where else?) to show how Android Wear will handle notifications. He added that any app which serves notifications on an Android smartphone or tablet will be able to extend the capability to users’ wrists with just a few lines of code. This in turn will allow…

Video: LG defines the smartwatch

LG defines the smartwatch

LG released a minute-long promo video for its upcoming G Watch. Dubbed “LG defines the smartwatch,” the clip shows the company’s soon-to-be-launched smart watch that is “compatible with Android,” “sleek and light for all-day comfort,” and is “ready for anything, anytime with a single charge.” The last tagline probably means that the watch will get…

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