Assassin’s Creed: Pirates Out Now for Android and iOS!


With Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag blowing up the next-gen consoles (and current-gen too), publisher Ubisoft has released yet another entry into its wildly popular Assassin’s Creed franchise and this time it’s come to “high-end smartphones and tablets”. That’s right, Assassin’s Creed: Pirates is out for Android and iOS devices. But before you start practicing your stealth moves, take a breath.…

Papa Pear Saga Officially Comes to Mobile!


King proved it could effectively bring a Facebook game to mobile with its wildly successful Candy Crush Saga. Now another Saga from King is making the leap to a smart phone near you! Papa Pear Saga aims to repeat Candy Crush’s success and it’s out for Android and iOS now! Perhaps in an effort to combat childhood obesity, Papa Pear Saga opts for…

GTA: San Andreas Coming to Mobile!


Rockstar Games recently hit record sales with its latest Grand Theft Auto game, GTA V. The company also found mobile success porting its PS2-era titles Grand Theft Auto III and GTA: Vice City. Now Rockstar is bringing the pinnacle of that generation’s GTA to mobile with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas! San Andreas took the…

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