How to Email Photos from your iPhone

Did you just capture a great photo on your iPhone that you can’t wait to share with everyone in your contact list?  Now you can easily email photos from your camera roll to everyone you know! Just follow the simple instructions below.


Difficulty Rating
  • easy
Things you'll need
  • iPhone
  • Email account
Tips & Warnings
  • Note: You must have an active email account setup on your iPhone to be able to email photos.
  1. Tap the Photos icon.
  2. Tap your Camera Roll or select the album name the photo you want to send is stored in.
  3. Tap the photo you want to email.
  4. Tap the Send option at the bottom of the photo.
  5. Tap Email Photo.
  6. Enter the name of the recipient in the To: field. To select a contact from your contacts list tap the To: field, then tap the + symbol on the right side of the screen.
  7. Enter the title of the email in the Subject: field.
  8. Tap the space below the subject field to enter text into the body of your email.  Text will display above the photo.
  9. To send the email tap Send in the upper right hand corner of your message.
  10. Tap the size photo you would like to send.
  11. Your photo has been sent!

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  • Cheryltcr

    Since I did the upgrade it doesn’t work that way any more!!

  • Nicko

    Yeah same, used to work fine like that and not anymore. Don’t know what Apple did in their last update to stuff this up.

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