• Nikesh

    From the review of these phones from some website I came to know that the Specifications and Design of both devices are same except for the networks they operate on.The BlackBerry Torch 9860 is a GSM device and the BlackBerry Torch 9850 is GSM/CDMA device. What does it imply Blackbery Torch9850 is dual sim (GSM and CDMA) mobile please let me know

    • Jack100593

      have u get the answer’? i have the same Question with you

  • Sam

    Thanks for the really in depth review . It was very informative

  • Sam

    Thanks for the really in depth review . It was very informative

  • Goalie

    Thank you so much for your reviews on 9860 and 9900.  Because of my strong desire to have a camera same or better than 9700, I ended up with 9860 instead of 9900 even though I agreed with your observations and still do.  
    OS 7 is fine – nothing to complain, much faster than OS 6 especially when opening xls or pdf documents containing multiple pages.   
    Keyboard is ok… it guesses better than iPhone’s software.  I type extremely fast on the 9700 keyboard, so it’s a huge change.  I also miss keyboard shortcuts.

    For apps, most are available for OS 7.  I miss being able to silence the camera shutter, though – currently no app to silence it (where i live, it is not illegal to silence the camera shutter).  I like taking pictures of documents and business cards, but now I can’t do that in a middle of a meeting, for instance.  
    I had terrible battery life at start, but it improved from 5 % per hour drain to 1 % (at rest) after I wiped the phone and used restore for data and installed apps – instead of “device switch.”  Still rough compared to 9700, but it’s not fair to compare any device to 9700 when it comes to battery life.

  • Neilfriedman123

    Thanks for such an unbiased indepth review of the 9860

  • Rohit-mahapatra

    I bought a  Blackberry Torch 9860 on 9th January 2012. The phone had a lot of issues like (1) Incoming calls did not ring (2) Nothing was audible to me nor the person I call while the call was connected (3) Phone used to hang frequently (4) Applications like camera, map & video recorder did not work. My complain was registered and the service center reinstalled the Blackberry Operating System, platform and assured me the phone will work fine if it dosen’t then I will be given a new phone as replacement. The issue with my phone was NOT resolved and they provided me a Delivery Order for a new Blackberry 9860 from the same retailer. I got a new Blackberry on 30th January 2012. It was horrible to encounter the same issues with my new replacement phone too, the same problems were in that phone too. There was absolutely no problem with my SIM card or service provider because I checked it on a different phone. I was completely disappointed with this Blackberry product. The phone malfunction got me into personal and professional misunderstandings as I missed calls. I needed a phone I can rely on, I was sick and tired of running to the service center and asked the retailer to give me a different phone other than blackberry. My sincere advise buy HTC, Samsung or Apple in the same price but never this Balckberry cause Balckberry Torch 9860 SUCKS.   

  • Husbyhogan

    I bought this item in October 2011, when it was quite new. I had the Storm before with all the issues with permanent running clocks but decided for the Torch because I hoped for improvement.
    But this is the worst mobile i ever had, all remaining buttons dont work even after updates.



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