Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III Review: Sprint’s tradition of offering a bit more for its customers continues

Sprint launched the Galaxy S III this summer and the handset is widely regarded as one of the best Android phones available from the carrier. We’ve already taken a look at other versions of the Samsung Galaxy S III, and in this review, we are going to take a quick look at the Sprint version.

We will explore how it compares to other handsets on the carrier, as well as point out the features that set this Galaxy S III apart from the other US models. Read on to find out whether the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III should take top spot in Sprint’s handset lineup.

The Good
  • The 4.8 inch Super AMOLED HD display is gorgeous.
  • 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 is very fast.
  • Innovative software features like TecTiles, Share Shot photo sharing.
The Bad
  • Lightweight, plastic feel to the phone.
  • A wide variety of touch-based actions may be confusing to new Android users.
  • It has a large form factor, not a pocketable phone for some.


Under the hood, the Samsung Galaxy S III from Sprint is the same as the other US models. It ships with a dual-core 1.5GHz processor and 2GB of RAM, which compensates for the missing quad-core processor that is found in the international version of the handset. The S III also has 16GB of internal storage and microSD expansion up to 64GB.

The most striking feature of the phone is the 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display with 1280x720 resolution. You can't help but be impressed by the beautiful screen when you boot up the phone for the first time. The S III is one of a few phones on Sprint that'll work with the carrier's up and coming 4G LTE network. Other connectivity options include Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n.

The rear-facing camera is also an impressive 8-megapixel shooter with 1080P HD video capture, while the front-facing camera boasts of 1.9-megapixels with 720P capture. The handset is a robust 5.4” x 2.8” x 0.3” and weighs in at 4.7 ounces. Rounding out the specs is a hefty 2100 mAh battery that promises up to 15 hours talk time or 200 hours of standby.

For a large phone, the Galaxy S III is well-designed. It has a big screen, but its small bezel and thin profile make the handset comfortable to hold. It's very similar to the Galaxy Nexus, just a bit longer and a tad thinner. It's weighted nicely for your hand, but, when you're holding it, you can't escape the lightweight, plasticky feel. Once you throw a case on it, though, that plasticky feel disappears and all you see is that gorgeous screen.

There is no getting around it -- the S III is an oversized phone. Unless you have the hands of a basketball player, it requires you to hold it with two hands to do anything beyond the basic swipe navigation. Typing, tapping and other actions require you to steady the phone in one hand and interact with the other. For those who like LED notifications, the S III has a bright, multi-color LED in the upper left corner.


Software-wise, the Sprint Galaxy S III is a slightly different beast from the other US models. It ships with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that's been customized with several Sprint apps, including Sprint Zone and the Sprint Mobile Hotspot app. Sprint also ships the device with Dropbox in a promotion that'll give you 50GB of additional storage for free. It's a great deal if you use Dropbox to backup or transfer files.

Sprint's Galaxy S III is the only US model to include Google Wallet. The Google-backed payment service lets you add reward cards and credit cards to an online payment account. Google Wallet uses the NFC chip in the phone and lets you make payments at stores that support the service. It's as easy as waking up your phones and swiping it at the checkout terminal. You can also find discount offers that are available in your area as well as view a history of your transactions.

Besides the Dropbox and Google Wallet, there are also several Samsung apps and other third-party apps like ChatON, Flipboard, Samsung Media hub, Samsung Music hub, Samsung Apps and Samsung's S-Apps (S Memo, S Voice and S Suggest). The rest of the S III is Android 4.0 ICS with Samsung's TouchWiz overlay. It has all the bells and whistles in the AT&T version of the handset. You can read about the many features of the S III in our original review of the S III handset.

Call Quality And Battery Life

The Galaxy S III is an LTE handset that's compatible with Sprint's newly launched 4G network. If you don't live in an area with LTE, the Sprint S III will fall back to the carrier's 3G network without any problems. I tested the phone on 3G and the data connection was very reliable. During my testing, I didn't experience any dropped calls or any other connectivity problems.

With normal use, the Galaxy S III performs very well for a smartphone of its caliber. It should definitely last you through the day, thanks to the 2100mAh battery inside.

The Final Take

The Samsung Galaxy S III is an impressive phone. The screen is lovely and the phone is full of software features that'll make your head spin. The camera is great and rivals that of the iPhone 4S. From a hardware-only perspective, it is the best Android phone Sprint has to offer at this time.

It surpasses the Galaxy Nexus with a significantly better camera, improved battery life and 4G LTE connectivity. Its closest rivals are the Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE and the HTC EVO 4G LTE. The Galaxy SIII has a bigger screen, larger battery and more RAM than the Photon Q. The EVO 4G LTE rivals the S III in battery life, but it has an integrated battery that cannot be removed it. It also has 1GB of RAM, compared to the 2GB that's available in the S III.

On the software-side, the Galaxy S III is a fantastic. The average consumer will be happy with all the features Samsung managed to cram into its TouchWiz enhanced version of Android 4.0 ICS. Samsung hasn't announced a date, but rumors suggest the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update should be available soon. If you don't want to wait, you can always install a custom ROM with Jelly Bean.

If you're not afraid of a big phone, then you can't go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S III from Sprint. It's a solid handset with a great camera and the performance is top-notch. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is comfortable with that size phone. If you're not sure about the size, then travel down to a Sprint store and check it out. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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  • Anonymous

    Why would someone be stupid enough to think that adding MicroSD memory is the same as SSD memory?  I think that is a misleading way to “upgrade” a phone.  I’m sure Samsung probably has a warehouse filled with MicroSD cards no one wants that they have to sell otherwise they’ll be landfill.

    Again, Samsung putting out a product using old technology?  The Snapdragon uses older grade GPUs. It isn’t that great of a processor.

    Good think I don’t use Android.  It’s a kludge of code that makes no business sense to use it.

    One has to wait months for Samsung to update their OS, what a joke.

    • Gerzelda

      Aptly named; “good think” he warned us….

      • Anonymous

        So what’s YOUR background? Following the Malware infested Android sheep?

        Android is a JOKE.  Not many major corporations are using Android OS.  They’re deploying far more iOS devices.

        Trust me….  Google Play has too much malware on it.  Someone i know just bought his pile of garbage, downloaded some apps on Google Play and found it started launching all kinds of other apps.  He returned it to get his money back.

        Another friend of mine has to charge her SIII several times a day, it runs hot, has cell reception problems, texting problems, and she wants to get rid of it too.

        It’s a messed up platform.  People that have a more serious attitude about long term viability of a secure platform won’t touch it.  Android is meant for kids that just want to screw around, hackers, and people that don’t know much about OSs.

        Remember, this woman who wrote this article has a background in Microbiology NOT computer science, computer engineerring or running an IT shop or even being in that arena.  Once you realize how much malware is out there and how insecure this Android OS REALLY is, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

        I’ve been in IT on/off since the 80’s. Dealt with various corporations and government customers with IT related projects helping them with hardware and software.

        If you really don’t know much about OS security, then have fun with Android crap, because THAT’s what it really is.  The OS is too open for hacking.  Plain and simple.

        • Gerrit Denbeste

           LOL Yeah you think you know everything so why do more people get Androids than iPhones?  Oh wait I know.  Better Software hands down,  I would rather customize my phone than have no control over my phone.

          • Anonymous

            Well, let’s go through this VERY CAREFULLY.
            1.  Yes, you can customize Android, but there are pros and cons to it.  Just like people can jailbreak an iOS device.  Running widgets, animation background and Flash uses resources and can either freeze up the system if you aren’t careful, make it run slower, or cause the hardware to overheat and cause reliability problems.  Hacking up an OS isn’t a LONG term good thing to do.  Lots of kids are running these  overclocking apps and it does and can cause the hardware to fail.
            2.  Why are there more people buying Android? SImple.  More companies marketing more phones with more carriers into more markets.  That doesn’t mean it’s better.  Just like McDonald’s hamburgers. They are made and marketed in more countries in more locations selling more hamburgers than any other competitor, but that doesn’t mean they TASTE better or USE better quality ingredients.
            3.  Now, Apple does sell more top end smartphones that the biggest competitor of top end smartphones.  From the release of the former top end iPhone 4S to this date, they have sold more of those than Samsung (biggest competitor) has sold of their top end Galaxy S III.  Galaxy S III is getting towards 30 Million SOLD, while the iPhone 4S has sold about 70 Million.  The iPhone 5 is projected to sell around twice as many as they did 4S, and so far, they are getting sold out and people are starting to line up at various Apple Stores waiting to buy an iPhone 5.  They’ll probably sell about 250 Million or units from the day it gets released to the day they pull it off the shelves 3 years from now.  Now, Apple STILL has a LOT of major cell carriers to sign up and they’ll do it when either they can meet demand, the carrier gets their system up and running, and meet to get the terms and conditions taken care of.  Rumors are the T-Mobile, China Mobile and others are not too far off from getting signed on which will dramatically increase their market and potential customer base.
            4,  There are more apps for the iPhone than there are for Android.
            5.  There is more malware for Android than iOS.  Apple makes every app submission go through a certification process before you can buy through their app store because they want to make the app store a safe place to get apps without malware.  Google doesn’t do that. I know someone that recently bought an S III went to Google’s app store, downloaded an app and it was actually malware.  BE CAREFUL.  F-Secure monitors malware on all platforms and malware activity has gone up drastically on Android and NOT on Apple.  Apple is taking steps to prevent it. Just like Flash, that’s why Apple iOS devices wasn’t affected by the Flash malware attacks because Apple refuses it on their iOS devices, plus Flash is pretty much dead code anyway.
            6.  Most (70%) of the Android users are using 2.x NOT 4.x.  4.x only represents about 10% of their market.  At the rate it is growing, it will take them YEARS to get to 80% market penetration since they are still selling 2.x phones and they are going to people that don’t want to spend any money on the top end models.
            7.  Now, have you seen any retail stores using an Iphone as a cash register as they do at Nordstrom?  NO.  I don’t know of any.  Most Fortune 500 companies are deploying iOS devices internally developing apps for iOS. and there is more to come because they take Apple’s iOS seriously and NOT Android.
            8. AirPlay, which is APPLE technology is a standard and is quickly being adopted by other companies to come out with various audio and soon video based products to do video mirroring, audio streaming from your iOS device.

            Now, if you like Android, that’s your decision, but there are a LOT of risks associated with it.  Yeah, I will be the first one to agree that Apple should have more models, but they don’t want to take the risk of having too many models on the shelf as it actually makes the company less profitable and if they can’t make a decent profit then they go out of business, which Apple doesn’t want to do.  Many of the Android mfg are just basically private labeling pretty much generic chip/monitor and not much is really being done to innovate with some of these companies.  Now, if you want to compare the guts of the S III to the iPhone 5, the ONLY thing inside the S III that some MIGHT think is better is that it has a bigger screen.  THAT’S IT.  The camera optics, microphone system, speaker system, processor, case, screen technology, voice/data chip set, and antenna system on the iPhone 5 is MUCH better than the S III.  But if you want to be naive about it, go right ahead. The four core Exynos processor isn’t that good, and the S4 that they are using isn’t that good in comparison to the A6.  The S4 is close in the CPU, but from the industry people that are reviewing it, the GPU and the SSD controller in the A6 is probably either a little or a LOT better. They are still waiting to get their hands on one t pull one apart, but based on what they know so far.  yeah, the iPhone 5 comes with 1 G of RAM, but since the Android typically takes up more resources than iOS, iOS doesn’t really need more RAM to perform well, so Apple will improve and spend money in other areas of the phone were it makes more sense to do so. Remember, they have only one shot at their devices and they want to make sure they don’t have any battery issues, reception issues, speed issues, quality control issues, etc.  Why do you think Apple is rated Number 1 in Customer Satisfaction and Android is WAY below that in surveys by people like JD Power.  Actually, the SIII was not that great in terms of customer satisfaction rating.  It got 3 starts, the 4S got 5.

            Choose what you want to choose, but if you analyze the ECO-SYSTEM of both platforms, Apple is so far more advanced in execution and QUALIY of execution, I don’t know IF the Android platform can catch up.  One thing to realize, iOS buyers are typically those that actually SPEND MORE MONEY than the typical Android customer, so there is more profit in the IOS platform from a business perspective.  If these Android companies can’t make enough profit and they can’t spit out better products, they WILL eventually go out.  Look what happened to IBM, Compaq, Gateway PC divisions.  They couldn’t survive so they got sold off and eventually the brand got killed off. Look at what’s happening to even DELL and HP.    The same thing will happen to the Android platform if they aren’t carefull.  Too many people making the same thing.  Samsung’s biggest competitor isn’t Apple, it’s all of the other Android mfg and themselves.  If they can’t retain their customers, then they lose business and it’s hard to get them back.  Apple actually keeps a lot of their users and some times their users buy Apple, then they might go to Samsung because of the media hype, and then they go BACK.  I already know people that have or WILL be doing this.  Apple has far more brand loyalty than these other mfg.

            This are my observations of the industry and i am always checking with various updated information, but this basically the gist of what i know.  I analyze markets and companies as a hobby, i have a finance degree, technical degrees, technical experience from a variety of different perspectives, while I don’t know everything, I can and do talk to various people and observe and understand this market more than the average Joe Blow.

            Questions?  Let me know.

            Got any factual evidence to disprove me?  Let me know, I am always looking for more up to date information since the industry CONSTANTLY changes.

          • Geo

            Iphone is a pos just like anything apple puts out.. jesus you’re like a Sega fan hating on playstation because it was better.. things die learn to live with it 
            .. sounds like you’re still a kid to me 
            ..Nuttjob lmao

          • Anonymous

            According to whom?  The Apple has a processor that does FAR better than the S III in speed tests, it does better in battery tests, the screen is actually a better quality screen than the S III and the S III failed in the Android Authority drop tests when compared to the iPhone 5.  Apple hasn’t decided to make a larger screen phone for those that want one.  If they feel the market demands a larger screen, then they’ll probably make one. It wouldn’t surprise me if Apple offers two screen sizes for their top end models. That’s EASILY done.

            You sound like a punk because you haven’t made ANY valid statements on the S III.  

          • Jasonsmith96

            Dude, you must have no life. Coming back over-and-over to the same article just to what? Be just a tad bit more annoying than the last time?

            I would hate to have a conversation with you in person.

          • Anonymous

            My name is not Dude, that shows your immaturity.  I am just responding to childish responses.   if you are annoyed by my statements, then why are you reading them and responding to them.  At least I read factual information about the industry and the technology vs. spitting out “Fandroid” lies and misleading information with no relevance or valid statements.  Face it, the Android market is just filled with a bunch of companies trying to basically sell a “clone” phone with no real technology advancements.  case in point, Samsung isn’t even always using their own processors, they are using Qualcomm S4’s. To me, the Android market is just a bunch of wannabe companies that just throw together basically variations of the same crap in terms of hardware.

            Don’t like it?  Tough.  

          • Jonathan Lotz-Lenglain

            Say what you want about the iPhone, it’s a sexy device (looks nicer, has a nicer screen and camera) but it’s for girls. I rooted my android phone, can use it as a 4g hotspot to as many devices as I like, (that’s huge!) I have a youtube downloader that lets me download any youtube video and play them as music with playlists etc (that’s HUGE for me too). the sound on my samsung galaxy sIII is way better than on the iphone and the fact that many website still use flash make the iphone useless to me half the time when I’m surfing the web.
             And yeah, the screen is bigger, which is better.

            It sucks that the apple people are nazis that try to control your experience of their phone even though you purchased their product, whereas android is far more open.

          • Anonymous

            No, it’s meant for people that just want a high quality phone that can EASILY be used with one hand for MOST things.  It’s actually designed for the average sized hand.  When Apple first started to design this thing, the trend for smartphone size was a little bigger than the original 3.5 inch towards more like 4inch, some people want and like a bigger phone and some don’t.  Personally, I would have brought out two sizes and the customers choose between maybe a 4inch and maybe a 5 inch.  Some people complain about the bigger sized phone after a while.   Why did the iPhone 4S get 5 star customer satisfaction and the S III got 3 star customer satisfaction.

            Rooting or jailbreaking phones is not supported as it can create a LOT of problems.  IF you want to hack into your phone, then maybe you’ll find out the hard way why you SHOULDN’T do that. Corporate customers don’t usually buy a product and jailbreak it.

            I’ll just chock up your behavior to immaturity or ignorance.  I’ve been the computer industry probably longer than you have. I used to heck up the OS to do things, but gave up because it many times wasn’t a wise thing to do.

            I’ll let you make your own mistakes and maybe someday you’ll realize from your mistakes.

          • Jesus christ youre picking nits.  The iPhone 5 and the S3 (and all other high end Android flagships) run and perform 99% of tasks more or less flawlessly.  There comes a point where even double the performance is practically impossible to notice.  Were there now.  Specs really cease to matter now because every task we put our smartphones to are executed quickly and perfectly.
            So the iPhone 5 is twice as fast as the 4s?So what.  The 4S already had a smooth user experience.

            What matters now are battery life, the display and the feel and build of a device, and the OS.

            And of those really only battery life is something concrete that can actually be measured. Display and feel of a phone, and your OS of choice is really all personal preference.

          • Anonymous

            Screen bigger, screen better.  Open up your OS which is better.

            Oh OK Jonathan. Obviously you have a mentality that doesn’t get it.  I’m in favor of Apple having two screen sizes, I think they should and maybe they will if the demand for two sizes emerges, but opening up your OS so you can hack it?

            Well, check to see how your battery life is affected by the hacks you do.  Or the increased heat the more things you do that demand more CPU/GPU/RAM.

            So, you hack into anything you buy?  I know when you are a kid, it’s fun to take things apart and to see if you can make it better.  You sound like Tim the Tool Man Taylor.  Yeah, he always made a fool of himself every time he tried to add more power or modify something that someone else designed.

            Well, don’t buy a Mercedes Benz with YOUR mentality.  They REQUIRE a MERCEDES BENZ battery and MERCEDES BENZ fluids.  

          • Anonymous

            Now, if you want to take the risk and Jailbreak an iPhone, it is LEGAL to do it, but it violates the warranty because it’s hard for Apple to give the user technical support if the OS THEY developed is hacked up.  A lot of things people do are actually detrimental and can actually cause the hardware to over heat and fail much EASIER.   Over clocking is one common things hackers like to do to their phones, but it causes the hardware to fail, ESPECIALLY if you have all kinds of widgets, animation backgrounds, various themes, Flash, etc causing the system to push the system to the point where it overheats.  THINGS HAPPEN.  That’s the PROBLEMS with hacking up and customizing the system, it just isn’t worth it.  You can only push these processors so far before they start overheating and processors DON’T LIKE HEAT.  HEAT causes higher failure rates.  It’s just a fact.  But some kids don’t care because they’ll just buy a new phone.  Or if it’s under warranty, they’ll get a new one. I has a discussion with a FORMER cell phone store owner and he said that he would get certain brands would have a fairly high failure rate.  I wonder why?  Most likely the result of over clocking.

          • Anonymous

            Now, if you want to look at the US market.  Go to netmarkeshare and look at the mobile/tablet market by OS and iOS is about roughly 65 to 60% vs about 20% for Android.    MOSTLY BECAUSE APPLE OWNS the TABLET MARKET.  But I’m sure the iPhone 5 sales will push up their market share.  Not bad for one product from one company.

            Better apps?  Yeah, Apple does have a lot more and better applications available than Android.  What is more important?  Quality of the product, Quality of Support, Quality of the OS over customization?  Hmmm.  I guess i know where your priorities are.  BIGGER SCREEN, CUSTOMIZATION to make it COOL.  Yeah, I was a kid once, I can understand your excitement.

          • Anonymous

            The iPhone 5 under contract is about the same price as a SIII.  

            I already priced them out.

          • Anonymous

            Well, if you load your SIII with a bunch of widgets, theme, animation background, Flash, over clocking software, etc., then your phone will be on the charging station longer and then YOUR CHARGER HAS CONTROL OVER YOUR PHONE, or you’ll have to invest a couple of hundred dollars in spare batteries.  For what?  I want my phone that is customized? Oh, OK.  Whatever………

            You can control your OS, but Samsung has control over your money or your charger has control over your phone because you want to customize it instead of USING it.

          • cody bratcher

            control is not being able to have a back up battery, because it’s against the law to open a product you paid for and see what they have hiding in it, maybe see that they spent far less to build it then you paid for it. isn’t their laptop also against the law to be able to have a spare?

            Oh yeah, to get more storage, BUY A WHOLE NEW PHONE

          • Anonymous

            Micro SD storage is for cheap people that are stupid that don’t know the difference between SSD and MicroSD storage. They aren’t the same and aren’t treated the same.   If I need more storage, it’s probably because I downloaded more apps than i need, so I just have to manage my SSD storage better.  I have a iPhone 4 with 8 G SSD and haven’t run out of storage yet.  I don’t rely on my phone for everything, that’s why I use a computer and a tablet.  Different items for different needs. Even when I upgrade to a later phone, I will probably only need 16G of SSD memory. For my needs, even 16G is plenty.

          • cody bratcher

            How many Apps do you know of that are 1GB or Larger? Well for us stupid people, we’re smart enough to that unless it is a App that is 1 GB or Larger it will not go to SD Card. That means the Phone is prob Smater then you!!

        • cody bratcher

          Why would companies use a product that isn’t COMPATIBLE with anything?  Prove it.
          Fact: for a company to switch to the Fruit, would be more then the company could handle and then scare off your customers etc because you just because incompatible with the rest of the world.

          Apple Patents everything they are allowed to so they can turn around and charge a huge license fee to others even if they really have no interest in what they had patented. now i call that a LAZY man’s way to make money, by screwing others because they are educated to build something while Jobs just had a idea of something…..

          kills me when fanboys thinks apple can do the technology side of a product when in fact it is documented on film/video that ideas is all he had, not the ability to make it work.

      • Anonymous

        So I made a typo,  YOU JUST MADE A BIGGER MISTAKE. 

        GERZELDA.  Like you know ANYTHING about computer  OSs.

        Remember this woman that wrote the article is a FLASH person.  FLASH IS FLAKEY SOFTWARE. I would NEVER admit publicly that I had anything to do with Flash.

        She obviously is too stupid to change over to HTML 5.

      • Anonymous

        Many Fortune 500 companies have either deployed, in the process of deploying or are in the evaluation stage.  I think the percentage is a little above 90% of the Fortune 500.  Some of the biggest reasons is security, method of updating the OS, and stability of the OS platform.  Google’s main competency is NOT based on OS development, their whole way of doing things is based on revenue from ad clicks.  It takes too long for them to come out with updates because the hardware mfg has to add some code and get it approved through their cell phone carriers and THEN you might get the upgrade.  Why do you think S III hasn’t had Jelly Bean released yet?  Google released Jelly Bean, but S III doesn’t have it yet.  Plus the way they are releasing OS updates, they pretty much won’t give you the latest Major release unless you buy a newer generation device.  Example. Let’s say you bought a Gingerbread device, which they still sell.  That is a 3+ year old OS.  They won’t let you get Version 3.X, or 4.X OS for that device. So you have to buy a new device to go from 2.x to 4.x.

        Another problem is most of these companies aren’t always using the latest generation chip sets. For instance, S III has an older generation voice/data chip set.  They use TWO chips, which draws more battery power.  the new iPhone 5 uses ONE chip that is the latest generation voice/data and it also deploys a newer antenna system to get better reception.  In addition, the camera optics for the S III aren’t even as good as the 4S and the iPhone 5 is even better.

        Micro SD is NOT the same as SSD storage, so the phone comes with either 16 or 32G of SSD, Samsung wants to sell you really slow Micro SD to upgrade it. NOT GOOD idea.  That’s basically going backward in terms of storage memory.

        What Samsung is doing is pawning off some old technology with some fairly new technology, but the problem is that it is STILL not a decent product to use.

        Most of these reviewers don’t really examine these Android phones very well. They actually do a very superficial review that average consumers might understand.

        • cody bratcher

          Every one of your Facts are from a Apple site with APPLE Ad Support. HAVE you noticed that Apple’s customers are hearing We’re Sorry, I’m Sorry from the company that took too much money from for that phone. Apple blamed ATT IN THE Beginning for all problems that phone had/has. well they seem to have the same problems and some new ones. Well they are not just on AT&T anymore…..???? Signal problems stil…Iphone users use moew wifi then others because they have to in order to use it, The cases come new out of box looking like old and scratched up, Apple’s answer to that, that’s normal and nothing they can do about it…lol…what? yes there is, use something else.
            Camera’s pics, have a Halo, Apple’s answer, that’s normal, all phone cams do that….really? I’ve never seen it. I have had cell phones since day one of availability. How about getting your facts from a Neutral Source or from a company that does these Testing for a living and not paid by Apple…you will see the true TRUTH then…

          Oh yeah, if they didn’t over charge for their phones and feel they are pround of what they make and it’s worth their money, then whty is Apple having to be forced to share info of profits like every other company on this planet does, and show us your profits. Afraid they may show customers how they get screwed, No, Apples says because if they do show it gives their competitors something something….oh please….They Keep Their hidding and give more Lying to their oh so loved customers.

          • Anonymous

            I have a friend that bought a Samsung S III and has more cell connection problems than her boyfriend’s 4S.  I don’t have cell phone connection problems, I’m still using a iPhone 4. Ya dipshit. I also haven’t had any Maps problems.

            THe Halo problem is when an idiot shots the camera at a direct light source, which happens on ALL cameras ya idiot.   It’s called user error.  Take a photo on another phone with the sun facing the camera. It’ll happen regardless of the phone.

            Well, Android Authority did a drop test comparing the iPhone 5 to the S III, and the S III failed 2 out of 3 tests and the iPhone 5 passed all four of the tests and they didn’t even bother testing the 4th drop test on the SIII because the phone they used was already damaged enough from the previous test.

            Display mate tested the iPhone 5 and the SIII screen and the iPhone 5 passed with flying colors and the S III failed. The S III wasn’t color accurate.

            Geekbench tests rated the iPhone 5 processor as much faster than the pathetic S III processors regardless of which processor the Samsung had.

        • cody bratcher

          Latest:::: iPhone’s aren’t able to use HD voice, iPhone not able to do Data And Voice at the same time…..

          hmmmm…I would if it’s that ONE chip thing?….lol…

          History, Iphone says we want to be able to perform MultiTasking

          Results,later: Palm Pre released: Palm Pre Designed by the man who designed the iPhone, Tired of the company, left and went to work at Palm.

          Palm Pre: Very good at MultiTasking ( while talking on phone , texting, emailing, search web, worked very well.
          Apple at Multitasking: we say we can, but can’t, but want to……

          Apple at MultiTasking Today…..we can try it on Wifi….LOL..

          Other Phones: I can be doing alot of data stuff all while I’m chatting on the phone and one doesn’t slow the other and web refreshes it’s self unlike the apple that they call it multiTasking if the app can be brought back in view so they can hit refresh to make it Multitask…lol……

          Apple did get some Court Time and Guilty of when thy tried to say palm stole this, palm stole that….LOL…well apple ended up doing theft work, not palm…Apple is so selfish that evey week there was an update to iTunes just so they could make the software not be compatible to sync the Palm Pre with…

          Come on, apple should be glad I’m even using this OutDated madia player that fills you computer with multi this etc etc.

          Now why in the hell would i consider buying Fruit products when they do evil things like this. how are you to know apple that maybe i have 8 of apple products and one product from a different Manufacture and you want to make sure i can’t use that one device.

          Apple can’t even design a media player smart enough to do Shuffle in a playlist that will make sure that you don’t hear songs from the same artist in a row, 2 in a row, 3 in a row…lol…then end up playing one song several times during shuffle playlist so it can make the playlist last longer????

    • Geo

      lol.. yeah and yet you’re waiting for years for apple to catch up to them.. the jokes on you.

      • Anonymous

        Well, let’s see here.  Have you read the test results on the A6 processor compared to the rest of the smartphone? Probably not.  In some tests the A6 was slightly faster, but in many of the tests, it was up to TWICE as fast.

        There was also a comparison of the IPhone 4, 5, and S III screens and even the iPhone 4 screen was better rated and the iPhone 5 screen was clearly the winner.

        There was also an Android Authority drop test between the iPhone 5 and the S III and the S III FAILED two of the three tests and they didn’t even bother testing the S III in the forth test.  The iPhone 5 passed all four tests.  Being dropped at waist high, 5′, ear level (about 5’6″) and at about 6 feet onto jagged rock/concrete pavement.

        Now, there are others that have indicated the battery lasts much longer while performing a 4G/LTE data transfer between the iPhone 5 and the S III.  So the ONLY thing that the S III has is a bigger screen. AND THAT’S IT.

        Apple has more apps than Android.  Apple certifies their apps on their apps store and GOOGLE DOESN’T.

        The joke is ON Android and the S III buyers. 

        I’d be willing to make a gentlemen’s bet that the IPhone 5 will have more sales than the S III.  Care to make that bet or are you TOO AFRAID.

        BTW, I was told by a local T Mobile rep that the S III sales have dropped like a rock since the iPhone 5 got released. 

        Oh well.

        Just as another side note.  Cisco used to make their own Android tablet, but they stopped production and they are buying Apple iPads instead.  Why is that?  They have over 10,000 iPads at Cisco.

        Go to Forbes and see what kind of numbers Apple is selling in their iPads to Corporate/Education accounts.  HUGE numbers.  It makes Android look like a non-issue.  

        • cody bratcher

          Apple Controls their App Store. I wouldn’t say it is for their concern of their customer, it’s so they can be control and be concern about jailbreaking their phones. That is the only reason they control the app store so closely.

          • Anonymous

            YOu don’t know shit.   Apple developed the iTunes application as a means for the user to control their content.  Then Apple came out with the iTunes Music store as an easy way to get content.  Then Apple came out with the Apps store to download applications instead of buying CD and DVD versions of software.  Apple also has a certification program to ensure the apps on Apple’s App Store doesn’t have malware, something Google doesn’t do with their Play Store.

            Apple does about 4x the business with iTunes than Google does with their Google Play.

            Apple also gives people, schools, corporations a place to upload FREE pod cast videos and audio which allows users to download for free.  It helps schools tremendously. It’s FREE. But it costs Apple money to support it, but Apple does it for FREE. It’s part of their eco system. Google dropped their podcast software because no one was using it.

            NO, Apple just doesn’t want to promote jailbreaking because when you hack up an operating system, they don’t know what you are doing, and it actually might be illegal or doing something that Apple didn’t develop and thus they can’t support a hacked up OS.  Jailbreaking is just for those that want to cheat in order to play games or do something stupid because they have nothing better to do.  Jailbreaking makes it harder for Apple to support the OS, since the OS is hacked. How can Apple support a hacked OS, ya dipshit?

        • cody bratcher

          T-Mobile says that probably because they are talking about T-mobile sales on that phone because you do know that T-mobile doesn’t have and won’t for a while, have LTE or even at least have Wimax. That don’t even have 4 g speeds of any. It has been stated that if it was law to list true speed and it had a certified name, it would be 3.5 G……YES YES< I know, there really is a such thing as 4g SPEED. It's just a nickname Tag etc. Sprint was the first to think of and deliver the idea of a 4G so that's gives a right to have something to compare to and even T-mobile isn't near as fast as that old technology, Wimax…lol

          • Anonymous

            You are making no sense whatsoever.

      • Anonymous

        Oh really?  Why is Apple bringing in more revenue and more net profit than Samsung?  At the rate Apple is going, they should be at about $170 Billion in revenue over the next fiscal year.

        Apple sells more 4S’s than Samsung sold in S and S II combined.  Even with Samsung’s 3+ months, Apple will out sell the SIII by the end of the year.  People line up to buy Apple iPhones, but they aren’t lining up to buy Samsung’s S III.

    • cody bratcher

      You Do Know That your Fruit phone wouldn’t be able to turn on, show media/data or much less function as a phone if SAMSUNG didn’t Invent and Manufacture so many internal components in that Fruit you call on while Apple trys to say it’s all them/their Technology in their junk when in fact apple hasn’t ever had knowledge of how to design a component mush less build the pieces in it.
       They rely on others like, The worlds number one manufacture of tvs, and a endless list of products, so Apple can put out one product a year and demand they be Crowned King of Tech….LOL….They Charge more to make money to make up for lack of quantity not sold compared to others who cover three times the amount for that products use for consumers.

    • cody bratcher

      You Do Know That your Fruit phone wouldn’t be able to turn on, show media/data or much less function as a phone if SAMSUNG didn’t Invent and Manufacture so many internal components in that Fruit you call on while Apple trys to say it’s all them/their Technology in their junk when in fact apple hasn’t ever had knowledge of how to design a component mush less build the pieces in it.
       They rely on others like, The worlds number one manufacture of tvs, and a endless list of products, so Apple can put out one product a year and demand they be Crowned King of Tech….LOL….They Charge more to make money to make up for lack of quantity not sold compared to others who cover three times the amount for that products use for consumers.

      • Anonymous

        A lot of the components Apple was buying from Samsung are being bought elsewhere.  In fact, Apple invested money into Samsung fab facilities so they can make many of the components to Apple’s specs, not Samsung’s specs.  Apple designs their own processors ya idiot.  Apple also designs their own screen technology.

        Don’t drop your Samsung S III on concrete, there is a high degree of likelihood that thing is going to crack the screen. Samsung has to COPY Apple and Samsung doesn’t even develop their own Operating System.

        What’s a crack up is that Korean Telecom bought 32,000 Apple iPads for internal usage. But they didn’t buy Samsung tablets.  I wonder why?

        The Android platform has far more problems with malware according to f-secure.

        Samsung is actually scared shitless of the screen that Apple is now using in their new iMacs.  If Apple uses that screen and puts out their own TVs, Samsung is going to lose TONS of business within 6 months.

        Samsung is now a smaller company in terms of yearly gross revenue and net profit.  Samsung’s revenue is mostly based from selling appliances, not computers, tablets, and phones.  Samsung’s computer business is tiny, it’s just AST Computers, which wasn’t that big of a company.  Apple sells more laptops than Samsung.

        Apple products are used by more schools and corporations than Samsung.  Hahahahahaha.

  • Anonymous

    Try running widgets, flash, animation backgrounds and then make 4G/LTE calls and see how long your battery lasts.

    • Tim Williams

      Ok, but thats true for any phone. I mean the iphone doesn’t even support ANY of those things so obviously it will stay juiced up longer.

  • karen

    Very poor battery life. Do not think of calling Samsung help line for assistance….Sprint is great ,but choose a better device.

  • Look enough with the mine is better or urs sucks. They are both good os and phones. IT comes down to personal preferences.

  • Gus

    Folks, do not believe any of this crap. It might be an impressive
    phone in function but in signal reception it is the worst I have seen in my
    life. Last Christmas we bought 3 phones for the family. 2 I phones and one Samsung
    for me. I was having a hard time receiving calls people would call me and it
    would go to voice mail or go some were else. We thought it was the phone at
    first and we returned and got another one. 4 month later and it is still doing
    the same thing. Sprint is selling a phone that is not compatible with their net
    work. It was a like bait and switch, they got the people buying the phone and
    now we can’t do anything. I have spent numerous hours in their stores and tech
    help with no solution. I am so disgusted with the phone and most of all Sprint.
    old LG worked better than this.

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