ios 6

iOS Says Goodbye to Firefox Home


After Google’s Chrome for iOS suddenly exploded on the scene and quickly reached the number one spot on the free iTunes charts, the eye on a mobile OS to challenge Safari has widened. But as Chrome receives updates¬†and Firefox pushes further on Android, Firefox maker Mozilla has never managed to get a full browser onto…

iOS 6 is Great For Business


While Apple and tech news are touting the latest and greatest features in iOS 6, like the new Siri, Maps, and Facebook integration, iOS 6 may also be the most business friendly firmware from Apple to date. The United States Government, and most large corporate business have long used RIMM for all their enterprise and…

Get Ready for iOS 6


With recent tension surrounding Google and Apple, users won’t be surprised to hear that with no Youtube, no Google Maps, Facebook integration, 4G LTE on the iPhone 5 (hopefully,) the iOS 6 release this September is on its way to being the most revolutionary and altered update since the addition of Apple’s App Store. Apple…

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