iPad 3

Get Ready for iOS 6


With recent tension surrounding Google and Apple, users won’t be surprised to hear that with no Youtube, no Google Maps, Facebook integration, 4G LTE on the iPhone 5 (hopefully,) the iOS 6 release this September is on its way to being the most revolutionary and altered update since the addition of Apple’s App Store. Apple…

iPad Mini Release Confirmed?


Reports are flowing in confirming the long-awaited and heavily speculated iPad Mini. A new version of the iPad that while may not necessarily carry new features, will allow the success of Apple’s tablet to capture a new market with a lower price point while still promising the same performance. We know now that the iPhone…

Analyst: No iPad 3 this year


Apple is without question the overlord of the tablet world with its dominance over the competition, and for that reason, an early release of its updated version of the iPad (this year) may not be necessary. For months now, predictions of an early iPad 3 release have swirled around the internet, suggesting a thinner and more efficient battery…

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