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Did The Apple v. Samsung Jury Skimp On Decision?


This past week the grueling Apple v. Samsung patent infringement dispute came to a close as the jury decided in only 3 days that Samsung needs to pay Apple  $1.05 billion dollars for patent infringement on a number of their devices. After almost 50 hours of testimony, and jury instructions with over 600 questions to…

$1.05 Billion USD? No Biggie for Samsung


With the recent legal defeat that Samsung suffered at the hands of Apple, many investors have been worried that this may affect Samsung profits in the years to come. One possible outcome of this decision would be Samsung agreeing to pay a license royalty on every device they make that uses an Apple patent. This…

The Future of Smartphones After Apple v. Samsung Ruling


The late Steve Jobs swore that he would destroy Android; He accused Google of creating an outright copy of Apple’s ridiculously successful iOS. “I’m willing to go to thermonuclear war on this,” he promised, and while he didn’t live to see the recent ruling of the Apple v. Samsung case citing patent infringement on the part…

Patent Infringement: A Brief History


In the spirit of litigious discovery following the recent ruling in the long and arduous Apple v. Samsung patent infringement case, IntoMobile has compiled a list of some of the most famous and historical cases of Patent Infringement, and the grueling world of patent law. Apple and Samsung have released their statements and gone their separate ways…

Apple vs. Samsung Testimony is Finally Over!


In April of 2011, Apple Inc. filed a lawsuit claiming patent infringement against the Korean electronics company Samsung. Since then the Apple vs. Samsung patent war has spawned months and encompassed around 50 hours of testimony, which cost both high tech companies millions in court fees, expert opinions, and corporate lawyers. Each side has been…

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