Angry Birds hitting Android this summer

We’ve already talked about Angry Birds and the fact that it has crossed the half million downloads mark pretty fast. What I didn’t know is that it was also available for (select, I assume) Nokia handsets through the Ovi Store. And now we also learn that it will hit the Android Market during the summer.

No additional details are known at the moment, exact release date included. Moreover, we’ve no idea whether the Android game will have some platform-specific features, which if I may speculate, could take advantage of a larger screen found in many of today’s high-end devices powered by Google’s mobile OS.

And that’s about all we know at the moment. Angry Birds is a super fun game, and I’ve no doubts it will be almost as popular on Android as it was on the iPhone — almost, because there are still more iPhone users and they are more likely to purchase an app than Android users.


  • bazza

    Living a blinkered life is incredibly bad for a tech writer. I’m sure you didn’t know either that angry birds is the number one game downloaded on the maemo N900 platform, which also includes its paid for extra levels.
    The developer had to be greatly commended for going the extra mile to be multi-platform, something that others should take a leaf from.

  • Mike

    Right? Still waiting for a Android version of Plants VS Zombies from Popcap…

  • Mathew

    We need it for the blackberry's as well… If one could be done for the bold 9000 that would be awesome…

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