iPhone 4 Ingenious Antenna Design May Cause Reception Issues

Apple never fails to innovate when it comes to hardware and software, and the iPhone 4 is no exception. It is unbelievably slim, the retina display is something to behold and the frame is sectioned into areas that help the antennas transmit and receive data. The iPhone 4 just about does it all, doesn’t it? Well, it turns out that some innovation might backfire when not thoroughly tested. The latter on that list of new features, the antenna-frame integration, is apparently causing reception issues when touched or held just the right way.

If this turns out to be a serious and common issue, Apple will have its hands full. We’re hoping that this won’t be the case, and perhaps the few reported problems will be just that – few. Check out the video below and catch a glimpse of it for yourself.

[Via: MobileCrunch]

UPDATE: Here’s another video from Insanely Great Mac showing the problem when you touch the bottom-left corner of the iPhone 4 and the opposing side.

UPDATE 2: Here’s a few more recreations. If you find any more, drop a link in the comments!

Looks like a rubber bumper would fix it…

This guy seems to think it’s not an iPhone 4 issue, but an iOS problem. Eeeeeenteresting.

We’ll see if we can find some good ones, but here’s a link to a YouTube search for “iPhone 4 Reception

  • Tim

    Happens every time to me. Seems like its every time I put my finger on the vibrate/ringer switch. Also hearing it happens every time you cover the lines on the antennae. There are three of them around the phone. Too bad, its so nice.

  • Leo

    Does anyone know if putting case on the device will affect signal for better or worse?

  • kumaclimber

    I wonder how long before this gets blamed on at&t like everything else…. Has anyone ever thought "gee the iPhone seems to be the only phone that has massive dropped call issues. I wonder if apple doesn't know what they are doing when it comes to designing a phone? Nope cause that would make sense so lets just blame at&t even when most phones have the same ability to hang on to a call as any verizon phone… It must be at&t's network not the f***ing phone. ITS APPLE THEY DON'T DESIGN PHONES THEY ARE NEW TO IT THEY DESIGN PRETTY DEVICES THAT HAVE A GREAT UI. Thats all… If you put the iPhone on verizon it will have the same damn problem

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