Larissa Riquelme Gives Best Nokia E71 Product Placement Ever at World Cup

Nokia may have recently scored some serious attention-grabbing product placement for its Nokia E71 at the World Cup this year. Phone fans will probably notice the little bit of technology smooshed up between those mammaries. According to a Paraguayan publication, the Finnish mobile phone maker tapped Larissa Riquelme, a model and actress who has probably been getting more attention than the country’s soccer team at the FIFA World Cup. Sure, a lot of girls stash phones in their cleavage, but apparently, Nokia got her to help publicize the Symbian-powered E71 for two obvious, rotund reasons; reports say that Riquelme is a “cell phone poster girl”, bought and paid for. Tacky? Maybe. Effective? Oh, yeah.

Which company is paying for the best product placement I’ve seen in a long time isn’t mentioned, but I wouldn’t put it past Nokia, and would actually pat their marketing director on the back for the clever move. It seems unlikely to be an innocent coincidence, considering Riquelme doubled up on promotions during the Spain/Paraguay game with an Axe logo on her left breast.

Riquelme isn’t only not shy about showing off her body, but apparently eager too; Riquelme promised to run naked through the streets painted in her nation’s colors if Paraguay won, but even after the team was eliminated, she asserted that she would still do it if Spain won. More models should be sports fans, in my opinion.

I’m still waiting on word from Nokia to see if this was a part of any official campaign, or if it’s just excellent unpaid advertising. What do you guys think? Is this a little too crass as far as advertising goes? Would Nokia pull something like this?

Here are a few other pictures of Larissa Riquelme and her innocuous Nokia E71 storage at the World Cup.

Here are a few NSFW pictures of Larissa Riquelme showing some “pride”, and I think there’s an ever racier batch of a Maxim photo shoot floating around.

[via Globo]
  • milan

    I think the message nokia was trying to get across, was that Nokia's bumpers are better than the iphone 4's. 😛

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