Motorola Q2 2010: $162 million in profit on $5.4 billion in sales; 2.7 million smartphones shipped

Motorla’s Q2 2010 financial results are out today and with $162 million in profit made, versus $26 million in Q2 2009, on $5.4 billion in sales, the company has some celebrating to do tonight. Motorola shipped 8.3 million phones and of those 2.7 million were smartphones. Kind of weak. That’s 30,000 smartphones a day during the 90 day quarter. We’d like to think the company would have been able to sell more if they hadn’t bumped into supply issues with the Droid. Even now the company is having issues selling a Droid X to everyone who wants one.

Back to the numbers, the Mobile Devices Unit made $87 million versus a loss of $287 million a year ago. Sales are flat. The $5.4 billion in sales during this quarter is actually lower than the $5.5 billion the company made a year ago. Now granted, they’re making money now versus burning it to power the steam engine on the company’s train to success, but have they peaked in terms of innovation?

Maybe they’ll do better once the Mobile Devices guys are off in their own company and the people who are not directly involved in the mobile phone design, sales or marketing process are busy learning about how to integrate into Nokia Siemens Networks? The path they’re on now is a solid one, Droid is a hit in America, but that lineup of devices doesn’t hold a candle to the once highly valued RAZR. If Motorola spent as much time trying to skin Android for the sake of “product differentiation” as they did on industrial design, then maybe those glory days would return.

We’re looking forward to what the company has to offer during the rest of this year. There’s already rumours of a 10 inch tablet running Android 3.0, due to hit the market in November, but that’s just tablets. We want phones. Things to put in our pockets, not man bags.

[I don’t own a man bag]

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