Bursting Your Bubble: That “secret” Nokia MeeGo video doesn’t mean anything

A video has been floating around on the internet showing what appears to be Nokia’s custom interface to the Linux based MeeGo operating system. It’s flashy, it’s clean, it’s … total bullshit. During my 1.5 years at Nokia I saw many of these concept videos shown. They’re made by pixel pushers as a goal, an ideal, of what the company wants to achieve. The reality is that these dreams rarely, more like never, make the transition into the real world.

While I can’t comment about a similar internal video that was made to showcase what the Nokia N97 was going to look like, let me just say that the final Nokia N97 looked absolutely nothing like what was being sold to product managers internally.

Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog did an excellent job breaking the video down, scene by scene, and if half of the elements from this concept appear in the final product then I’ll donate my first born child to cannibals in Africa.

Judge products, not concepts. Judge products, not promises. Judge products, not commercials.

Final. Retail. Hardware. Everything else is marketing bullshit or some designer’s wet dream.

Remember this video?


Update: To the people I’ve offended who assumed I meant all people living on the continent of Africa are cannibals, you misread what I wrote. What I said was that there are some cannibals living on the continent of Africa. Wikipedia has my back on this one.

  • Raps

    I got a agree with you partly, but Eldar have already mentioned that this is indeed the UI running on N9 so i’m hopeful.

  • Phil Lasker

    Hey mr. the blogger. In this specific field of technology, it's very dangerous to judge the future from the past experiences. The very concept of technological development is always unpredictable. When you, as a blogger, get overwhelmed by your past experiences, you become blind. Obsolete.

    ps. I can see why you were kicked out of the company.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      As always, I love you Phil.

  • george

    the n97 was the reason i ditched s60 and tried android and i have been happily using android since. again,

    you are such a nokia hater now that i cannot take anything you write seriously. you posted a video made by another guy with an ax to grind. the video shows a moron who tries to use a resistive screen by touching it with the bottom of his finger, the way one needs to use a capacitive screen. by not using his finger nail or a stylus he is making it look like the screen is very unresponsive. the fact that he tries to show screen rotation by not turning the screen far enough over to activate the sensor, again and again, is another example of how he tries to make the device look worse than it actually is/was.

    for your own credibility you really should write about any other company as your nokia bashing is getting ridiculous now

  • none

    Hey Stefan,
    You are stil suffering you got kicked off Nokia.
    Time to grow up,boy!

  • bigbananajoe

    good joke for the cannibals!

  • haz

    I COMPLETELY agree with the blogger.

    Concept designs – even if they were really designed by the company – don't mean squat as to what a final product could look like. What could be thrown together in programs like Adobe Flash has little relation to what a product's UI will really be like when running on actual hardware.

    Hell, who the hell knows that any of this stuff is actually "real" anyways? I mean it's not exactly hard to put in the words "secret" onto some video that a highschooler put together and then pass it off as a real Nokia video.

    Or to simply keep it short: don't count your chickens before they're hatched.

  • @hardiksjsu

    Well at least this article got 4 comments so far, i believe the avg number of comments at intomobile articles is 0 or at the max 1.

  • Mace

    Dear Stefan. It is common knowledge that Nokia learned a lot from its mistakes with N97, including its promo video. Lately they have done completely opposite, publishing ultra-realistic un-edited videos for e.g. N8 showing even bugs and lags in an unfinished software. And this is not even a promo video but just a leak. BTW, why have you f*ed up your RSS feed? It shows pages of “related stories” with pictures. Almost unreadable now with my mobile and Opera Mini.

  • andref1989

    I really want to reply to your comments in the article Stefan, but the ignorance of it all is baffling.
    If you buy into that video then you're more jaded and ridiculous than I thought possible.

  • max

    The difference between this and the N97 video is that the Meego video is actually running on an emulator, it's not something completely made up on an animation program. Also if the UI emulation was programed in QT then it will be the same thing running on a computer or phone (as QT is cross platform).

  • netborn

    mmm, seems that somebody at Nokia stole your boyfriend…

  • LWA

    yeah as some one said its an emulated demo not pre-rended cgi.

    i did laugh at the n97 video, but then i laughed even harder at netborns comment…

  • ronz

    well why dont u mention about the iphone antenna problems???? and lots and lots of problems with other mobile devices…… is the iphone antenna works as shown in advts??????/ come on……. if needed we can find differences btw the demos and actual devices in each and every devices in the world…….

  • mag64

    My N97 scrolls nicely. This guy on video makes himself really a clown. Maybe he's from Apple? They have been excelling on trying throw own poop on others, like in the antenna problem. Well.. maybe they think talking is not so important on phone. As long as menus do all kind of bouncing around animations!

  • addd

    This clown (Stefan) is paid by how popular his story is.
    If this is called journalism…..
    Wonder if Intomobile has an editor-in-chief who supervises all this bs.

  • Mace

    Comparing an N97 marketing video with a MeeGo developer clip is rather weak, expecially as the latter is unreleased copywright material (Nokia has pulled this from YouTube already)

  • Anonymous

    Dear Stefan. The leaked video clip is already dated… seems like you really don't know anyone in the MeeGo team

  • Dulwithe

    To the author of this blog: You're a dick!

  • Dee

    Wow this website has just lost all credibility with 'experts' like this Stefan clown (was there any credibility to begin with?) I'm just disappointed Nokia took 1.5 years to realize how incompetent he is before ditching him.

    • Stefan Constantinesc

      thanks for disclosing that you're a Nokia employee

      oh wait, you didn't 😉

  • @jukkaeklund

    Funny Stefan, I'm going to hold you for that bet! 🙂

  • nokia comes back

    Well done again showing your incompetence in SW design. N97 was an artificial animation. If you believe those commercials.. well that's your problem.

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