Apple Sues Nokia in Britain

While we’re used to seeing Apple get sued by everyone under the sun, the Cupertino based company is now suing Nokia. It has been an ongoing legal battle between the two, but Apple is suing the Finnish smartphone maker in the U.K. for nine cell phone technologies.

According to Nokia spokesman Mark Durrant, “We are investigating the claims, which appear to be based on nine implementation patents already in suit between the two companies in the United States.”

Last October, the two companies started their legal disputes when Nokia accused Apple of freely using and profiting off of its technology.

Reuters reports:

The Finnish company said Apple owed it royalties for using Nokia technology that allows such basic mobile tasks as sending email or downloading applications.

The U.S. trade body ITC is set to decide on some of the claims between the two companies next year, while the key court hearings are scheduled for 2012 in Delaware.

At this point, it doesn’t seem like the lawsuits between the two are stifling technology development and hurting consumers, unlike patent trolls who sit on patents waiting for violations. It is those cases that many cry out for patent reform, and ultimately the consumer has to pay.

[Via: Reuters]

  • Oscar

    Steve Jobs will pay and he will pay in TRUCKLOADS of Ca$h!!!

    Everyone pays Nokia to use their patents, What makes Apple think they are so special??

    They tried to skip paying for antennae patents by making their own antenna design in iPhone 4 but it backfired on them horribly! If it wasn’t for Nokia, we would all still be using phones with fat antennas sticking out the top like Palm Treo 650s.

  • Dan

    For the most part I agree with Oscar, although why will Steve Jobs pay? Isn’t he the one doing the sueing?

  • KabelHDMI

    And only the attorney gets wealthy. As usual.

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