Rumor: Seven-Inch iPad to Have Retina Display and 128GB Storage

The 7-inch iPad rumor rises again, but this time it’s not just talk of a mini USB port. According to component makers in Taiwan, the new Apple iPad will have a retina display and 128GB of internal storage – all in a little 7-inch package. Additionally, the new iPad will be coming with a camera, which can almost be considered a given at this point.

While the retina display part seems nice, and totally welcome on a tablet computer, it seems more likely that the display will be higher resolution than the current model but not at levels that can be considered a retina display. 128GB of storage makes some sense, too. After all, if the tiny little iPod touch can pack 64GB of flash memory, why shouldn’t a giant iPad be able to hold twice as much?

AppleInsider reports:

Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities said this week that suppliers contacted during a trip to Taipei indicated that Apple plans to launch a new iPad in the first quarter of the 2011 calendar year. In addition to having a smaller 7-inch size, he also said the device will have a “micro or mini USB” port.

Given Apple’s tendency to refresh its product line annually, the introduction of a new iPad during the first quarter of 2011 shouldn’t shock anyone.

What will shock me is a 7-inch iPad, however, since it seems like a real ‘tweener device. We have a 3.5-inch screen on the iPhone and iPod touch, 10-inch screens on the iPad and 13-inch screens and up on the Macbook and Macbook Pro. Do consumers really want incremental screen size options?

Here’s something a little more outrageous, though:

White said the next-generation iPad will replace the first-generation iPad when it is released next year. He made no mention of Apple maintaining the 9.7-inch model, though Goldman Sachs said the new 7-inch variety would be in addition to the current screen size.

Apple might ditch the 10-inch version (the current model which has sold over eight million units to date) for just a 7-inch model? Okay, I’m officially calling shenanigans here.

[Via: AppleInsider]

  • Jerry Fryer

    I was disappointed having bought iPad on day of launch to see the unbelievable retina display on the new iPhone a few days later, and felt a bit let down.
    whilst the iPad is a great device which I use more than any other for browsing I can still make out the dots unlessI hold it almost at arms length.
    The almost tripling of pixels/inch of the retina display means the potential for almost full 1920 x 1080 resolution on a device smaller and even more portable than the current iPad.
    For me the iPhone is brilliant but the touchscreen on the iPad reduces the amount of unintentionally opened pages because of it’s larger size
    Jobs has shown just what a great visionary he is with the first iPad but I think the compromise of 7″ screen with triple the resolution is incredibly exciting – can’t wait!!!!!!!

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