Skype for Android gets 3G calling through hacked application

Skype for Android
Skype for Android

It’s only been a couple of days before the Skype application escaped the shackles of Verizon, and was released for all Android 2.1 phones, and now there’s a hack to enable 3G calling. Unlike the Verizon’s version, the application didn’t allow for 3G calling, but now it’s become a reality thanks to a hack.

Some of those crazy developers/hackers have managed to enable 3G calling for the Skype application, and all one has to do is download the hacked .apk file and you’re good to go. You’ll first need to uninstall the existing Skype application, and manually install the modified application. Now users have the option to call over WiFi or 3G as much as they please.

Here’s how to get your 3G Skyping on:

  • Uninstall the currently installed Skype application
  • Download the new Skype application
  • Install through a file manager, like Linda File Manager (The file should be found in the SD card’s “Downloads” folder)
  • Run the application, and have fun enjoying the extra functionality.

A round of applause to the people/ person who actually did the hacking to get this working. I’m sure you have a few fans right about now.

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