Nike+ GPS for iPhone updated with Facebook support

Here’s one for the iPhone ownin’ exercise fans who at the same time love Nike brand and their sports equipment…

The number 1 Health and Wellness app on iTunes, Nike+ GPS, which uses accelerometer and GPS to track your running routes, MPH and calories burned, has been updated recently. The main new thing of this release is a neat Facebook integration. If you write that you’re going for a run on Facebook, your buddies can now “cheer you on,” prompting stadium applause to play in your headphones during a workout.

The new feature works in conjunction of the existing voice-prompted encouragements, which is a Powersong feature to give you a boost…

And that’s about it. If you’re into running around the city (or around your area), Nike+ GPS is one of the apps worth considering buying for your iPhone. Similar apps that are available in the AppStore include Jog Log, LogYourRun, iRun, Runmeter and RunKeeper.

Nike+ GPS ($1.99) [iTunes link]

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