Apple hosting a secret iOS developer event next week in California?

A rumor from Silicon Alley Insider suggests that Apple is planning a short, but sweet developer event in California next week. The event is reportedly scheduled to start next Tuesday and will run for several days. Details are sparse but the meeting is expected to be a small gathring similar to the Tech Talks Apple has held in the past. These tech talks were not press-oriented events but were for developers to assemble into small groups and get some time with Apple’s “technology evangelists”, aka engineers.

This current rumored event may be an opportunity for Apple developers to get expert advice and prepare their applications for the big iOS 4.2 update that is slated to land in November. The event would also a nice PR opportunity for Apple as it begins to feel the heat from Android. Not only would developers get help with iOS but Apple can use an event to point out that it invests in its developers and wants to help them. Can’t you just picture Steve Jobs in a black turtleneck talking about how Apple, unlike its competition, supports its developer community and helps them in advance of a major product revision?

It is not known whether a press event is on the docket. Given Apple’s recent history of an announcement in early January, another announcement in June, a press event in September and its recent OS X event, it is doubtful that the Cupertino company would be squeezing yet another event this year. Then again, the holiday shopping season is almost upon us and maybe Apple has something to say that will shake things up? Who knows.

Of course, all of this hinges upon the assumption that this rumor is correct. It is equally likely that this rumor is off base and such an event does not exist. It is also possible that this event is a small local developer event and not one meant for the tech headlines. Only time will tell and we will keep your updated if any news breaks regarding this rumored event.

[Via SAI]

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