Confuse Your Friends (Purposely look like an Idiot) With this iPhone 4 Decal

Default UI iPhone 4 Decal

Default UI iPhone 4 Decal

It’s a fact. I heart Etsy. It never fails… once a week (or more) some ingenious little creation pops onto the website, making me laugh or at least snicker just a little bit. Today, the product in question is for the iPhone 4 users in the crowd. It’s a good one. If you feel like playing a joke on those at your home, office, or just while you’re out with your friends… check it out.

A new iPhone 4 decal called ‘Default UI’ turns the back of your iOS-powered device into… well, it makes the BACK look like the FRONT of your iPhone 4. Nice! Slap it on, and the decal recreates the default look of iOS. The next time your device rings, hold it up to your ear, and it’ll look like you’ve got the darn thing the wrong way ’round. Good one.

This has to be worth a laugh or two at the very least. Even if you don’t use it l’ve described above, it’d be fun to slap on the back of an unsuspecting friend’s iPhone 4… next time a call comes in, watch the hilarity.

For more information or to purchase, hit up the Etsy link below. Good times.

Default UI iPhone 4 Decal ($10) [Etsy link]

Update: Shortly after posting this I noticed the decal has sold out. Sad. Keep an eye on the Etsy link above… hopefully more become available real soon.

[Via: OSXDaily]

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