Give a Kindle book as gift for smartphone owners, no Kindle required

iOS Kindle app

iOS Kindle app

The Amazon Kindle is the most popular eReader on the market and is consistently at the top of Amazon’s best-selling list. While reading is the Kindle is excellent, it is not always convenient to lug the Kindle around. As a result, Amazon has opened up its Kindle eBooks to smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs via its Kindle reading software. Starting today, customers interested in giving a Kindle book as a gift to a non-Kindle owner can do so to as long as the recipient has an email address.

Amazon’s new promotion will let you gift an eBook to friends and family so they can read the book on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android handset, or BlackBerry phone. By removing the Kindle from the equation, Amazon is opening up its ebookstore to a larger audience that enjoys reading, but, for whatever reason, does not own a Kindle. Whispersync will work across all mobile platforms so customers with multiple devices can read on their iPad and pick up where they left off on their Android handset. You can kick off your holiday shopping with a Kindle eBook by visiting Amazon’s website here. Full press release in on the page two.

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    The Kindle app for Windows Phone 7 is coming soon as well!

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