Nokia plans to cut 800 jobs in Finland home base

Things aren’t looking terribly bright for Nokia in the coming months as executives are either on their way out, or their absence is already being felt by those missing the long-time Nokia heads. Now there is word that the Finnish mobile manufacturer is planning to cut 800 jobs in Finland, where Nokia has its home. With major and long-time executives leaving, handsets that are failing to make a splash and Symbian on its knees, what does the future hold for Nokia?

At the time, the company won’t comment on the situation, but apparently these job cuts are in addition to the 1,800 planned cuts from the Symbian division announced back in October.

It’s sad to hear all these jobs getting cut, but they’re undoubtedly part of Nokia’s plan to refresh and revamp itself next year as it pushes a new smartphone platform – MeeGo – and hopefully produce devices that can compete with the current and future crop of smartphones from the likes of Apple, HTC and Motorola.

[Via: Reuters]

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