Skype may have outed Verizon iPhone

Verizon iPhone
Skype confirms Verizon iPhone

We already know that Skype plans to bring video calling to the iPhone 4 and other platforms but the VoIP provider may have just outed the oft-rumored Verizon iPhone.

Skype published some support documents for this feature on the iPhone and one of these had the Verizon logo prominently displayed. The documents were quickly pulled after a short time online.

Of course, this is a very thin source to proclaim that a Verizon iPhone is definitely coming but it looks like all the stars are aligning for the union of Apple and the nation’s largest carrier. What’s interesting is that Apple coming to a different carrier in a single market would likely be some of the biggest tech news in all of 2011.

This marriage has been rumored even before the Apple smartphone hit AT&T, as Big Red was supposedly first offered the iDevice and turned it down because Steve Jobs wanted too much control over the experience. Now, we have the New York Times and Wall Street Journal saying the Verizon iPhone is a done deal for next year.

Apple could likely just bring the iPhone 4 to Big Red and it would sell millions and millions. The rumors suggest that it will be a 3G-only device the first year but I find that relatively boring when you consider Verizon will have multiple 4G LTE smartphones next year. Still, I know there are plenty of Big Red subscribers who have been anxiously awaiting the day.

The Skype snafu is by no means a confirmation, as the VoIP company has a deal with Verizon to bring its services to multiple devices. The cool thing about this deal is that Big Red will use some of its voice minutes free of charge to ensure a high quality of service. Perhaps this could indicate video calling will also come to Verizon devices with front-facing cameras.


  • Displeased

    If the Verizon iPhone comes with even one Verizon app pre-installed, let alone feature mutilation, then I will NOT be purchasing this device. Apple will have sold it’s soul at that point. I am sick and tired of carriers mutilating the phone operating systems. Sick of it I tell ya!!

  • So assuming Apple does get the Iphone, odds are it won’t be a 4G version. That means your snazzy new phone will be obsolete in like four months (plus the termination fee for 86ing your AT&T contract). With the Iphone 5 just around the corner your looking at dropping the price of a Civic just to stay on point. Kudos Apple!

  • Shallremainnameless

    Currently a Verizon customer but I won’t be buying a iPhone soon (their data plan fee is going to go up)
    By the end of 2011, expect to see the ‘exclusivity’ by providers on smart phones disappear. The new model of making profit is the ‘Data Plan’. The iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab , for example, are available almost on every major network.
    Manufacturers including Apple love the concept since they get to sell their devices to whoever desires it. The service Providers just have to redesign their networks accordingly to enable data & voice capability base on the demand (most people want a device that access the web, to call and accomplish their daily business tasks) on those devices. Everybody is making money and the consumers are happy. The model is already in place other countries in Europe and Asia.

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