Android ‘Ice Cream’ to hit this summer as Android 2.4 OS?

While we’ve only seen the Nexus S and the Sony Ericsson Arc running Gingerbread at this point, the next version of Android aimed at smartphones may not be too far away. We’ve heard that the next version of the OS will be called Ice Cream, but that was about it. While we still know very little about it, the latest whispers around the rumor mill suggest that it may hit sometime this summer.

With Honeycomb being version 3.0, many would think that a subsequent update to Android OS would bear a version number like 3.5, or 4.0. That doesn’t seem to be the case, as it looks like Ice Cream may actually end up being Android 2.4. This would make Ice Cream more focused on the phone experience, instead of Honeycomb, which is aimed towards tablets. So what features could we expect to see in this next version? We honestly have no clue, but the refinements made in Gingerbread and the UI makes us think that Ice Cream may possibly be more of a back-end update.

Expected to be announced at the Google I/O this May, Ice Cream could possibly hit sometime in June or July, people familiar with the matter told Pocket-Lint. We expected Android updates to slow down to about one update per year, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at this moment in time. Just like Gingerbread, we’ll likely begin to see more information about the upcoming update in the coming months, but for now we can only speculate about all the goodies that Google has been baking into 2.4.

While we couldn’t imagine what Android 2.4 could bring to the table, we can only imagine that it will be a solid update to the OS. Google has been hard at work cooking up multiple versions of Android for users to enjoy, and they seem to be working at a breakneck speed.

Thanks for hooking it up, Google.

[Via: Pocket-Lint]

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    sooooo cool! 🙂 no pun intended ;P

  • Well if you looks at the engadget interview here ( Duarte, who is a designer for Google, says that Honeycomb is in fact NOT just for tablets, just that we had only seen the tablet version. So that leads me to think that Icecream will actually be 3.x or 4.0.

  • So Google will be doing some reverse time traveling? I thought Honeycomb was version 3.0. Either way, Windows Phone is where it’s at. Once Copy and Paste hits, prepare for the onslaught. Who is in charge of naming the Android updates, Mario Batali?

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    WHat ever I stands for = J must be Jalebi

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