T-Mobile lumps Verizon and AT&T together in another iPhone attack ad

If you can’t beat ’em, keep attacking ’em. That seems to be T-Mobile’s modus operandi when it comes to its latest marketing campaign. It’s not content with lobbying to have its HSPA+ network legitimately defined as a “4G network,” but it also needs to attack Verizon and AT&T now both carriers have the phone T-Mobile has been desperate for: the iPhone.

Compared to Verizon and AT&T, T-Mobile has a relatively sad portfolio of smartphones. The only ones worthwhile and capable of using the HSPA+ network are the G2, Nexus S and myTouch 4G. Those phones are decent, but it’s clear that T-Mobile is still yearning and lusting for the iPhone.

So, if you’re the nation’s last place carrier amongst the big boys and it’s obvious that you aren’t getting the most popular smartphone of all time, what do you do? Poke fun, of course. The Verizon iPhone isn’t LTE-capable and the AT&T model isn’t 4G-equipped, either. Verizon users will likely never see the day when their CDMA/EV-DO iPhones exceed 2.5Mbps down, and AT&T users top out at about 5Mbps on a good day (although that is comparable to what I’ve seen on the G2 and Nexus S on average).

To see the latest attack ad, see the video below.

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