Motorola working on own web-based OS that may replace Android

Motorola working on custom web-based OS
Motorola working on custom web-based OS

Motorola is working on its own web-based operating system and this may eventually wind up replacing Android on its future handsets, according to a report.

The report says Motorola has been hiring engineers from top companies like Apple to work on this web-based OS. Motorola isn’t denying the project but it’s quick to remind us that Android is its go-to platform right now.

“Motorola Mobility is committed to Android as an operating system,” the company said in an e-mailed statement to InformationWeek.

Of course, the report could be getting it very wrong in terms of this being used to replace Android down the road, as the web-based OS could just be for devices like the Laptop Dock. The idea of these types of accessories is to allow powerful phones like the Atrix 4G to power the large screen and keyboard but the Laptop Dock does have its own software to interact with the Android device.

The Laptop Dock uses the Motorola WebTop software and this definitely needs some work. I found it to not be very intuitive and the user interface also felt very first generation. This is going to be very important for Motorola because it is committed to making more devices that can interact with the Laptop Dock.

I think that’s a more likely scenario for this Motorola web-based OS, as the company has been able to come back near the top thanks to its success with Android and I don’t see it abandoning that platform any time soon. Motorola’s mobile side was a mess a few short years ago but thanks to devices like the Droid X, it is climbing back to respectability as its own independent company.

What do you think, friends? Is it smart for Motorola to create its own web-based OS or will diving back in to the platform game make it repeat some of its past mistakes.

[Via InformationWeek]

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