Shazam Friends lets Shazam users share music with their Facebook buddies

Shazam is updating its Android and iOS apps with a new feature called “Shazam Friends” to allow users to discover and share new music with their Facebook friends. You get to access a real-time feed of songs your friends have tagged, from where you’re supposed to find some cool new music.

After Shazam is updated, a new “Friends” tab will appear, allowing you to manage what you want share with friends and see what your friends have shared. Once logged into your Facebook account, confirm you would like to connect and share with friends, so you can:

  • Browse all of your friends’ tags, listen to previews, watch music videos, read reviews, access biographies and get artist tour information
  • See all recent tags from a particular friend in one list
  • Add friends’ tags to their Shazam history and playlist
  • Purchase the track
  • Where available use streaming services to play the song from their playlist
  • Post tags to Facebook and Twitter, add comments, and give their friends a chance to listen and comment

Shazam Friends is available in Shazam Free and Encore Apps, both of which can be downloaded from the links below.

Shazam (FREE) [iTunes link] [Android Market link]
Shazam Encore ($5.99) [iTunes link] [Android Market link]

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