Apple sues Samsung over the Galaxy line of mobile devices

Samsung Logo

Samsung Logo
Here is yet another lawsuit to add to the growing number in the wireless industry. On Friday, Apple filed a patent and trademark infringement lawsuit against Samsung over the design features used in the manufacturer’s Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets. The Cupertino company claims in its suit that “Instead of pursuing independent product development, Samsung has chosen to slavishly copy Apple’s innovative technology, distinctive user interfaces, and elegant and distinctive product and packaging design, in violation of Apple’s valuable intellectual property rights.”

The suit contains 10 charges of patent infringement, two trademark violations and more in the suit filed in the district court in San Francisco. Product’s targeted by the Cupertino company in its lawsuit include the Epic 4G, Captivate, Indulge, Nexus S, Galaxy S 4G and the Galaxy Tab. Specifically, the suit alleges Samsung copied the rounded corners, silver edge, curving back and more that characterize Apple’s mobile products. The packaging for the Galaxy devices was also mentioned as an example of infringement by the Korean electronics manufacturer. Apple has asked for an injunction against Samsung to halt the sales of these infringing devices as well as punitive damages.

[Via Computer World]

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