Official Google Docs App for Android Captures Print With Camera

Today Google launched an Android app for their popular Docs service, letting you access, create, edit, and share your cloud-stored spreadsheets and documents while on the move. The search and collections functions let you quickly find particular documents, and the home screen widget gives you quick access to starred documents, initiating a photo upload, or starting a new document. While that stuff might seem kind of drab at first, the Docs app does include the ability to take a picture of text with your phone’s camera, and have it translated to a Google document using optical character recognition. In my experience, OCR is hit-and-miss when it comes to accuracy, especially when it depends on lighting conditions and camera quality, but it’s a pretty cool trick nonetheless.

Personally, I’m still a little sketchy going all-in with cloud services like this, despite being free and functional, mainly because access to important files are entirely at the whims of wireless coverage and, to a lesser extent, the servers being up and running. If those files were synced locally, then it’s far less of a concern.

To give Google Docs for Android a shot, you can find the app in the Market.

[via Google]

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