Wal-Mart to offer 32GB TouchPad for $599

Wal-Mart will be one of the companies to carry HP’s upcoming TouchPad. The information comes from PreCentral, which also managed to get some details about the packaging and accessories that will be offered alongside the tablet.

Although we don’t know all the details, it is said that the 32GB TouchPad will cost $599, which is exactly how much Apple is asking for the same version of iPad 2. Not sure that’s a smart pricing strategy — since HP is just entering the market — but what do I know. TouchPad’s packaging is also said to be similar (to the iPad’s), measuring 9.5x10x1.78 inches with a weight of 3 lbs.

When it comes to accessories, Wal-Mart will offer the TouchPad-specific Touchstone Dock/Stand for $79.88, Bluetooth keyboard for $69.88, TouchPad case for $49.88, and AC charger for $29.88.

Unfortunately no information was given on the availability date. PreCentral’s tipster only said that TouchPad could start selling on June 1st if it were to hit Wal-Mart’s distribution centers by next week.

Again, I’m not sure HP should ask that much for the product which still has to be tested by end-users and (massively) adopted by developers. What do you say?

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